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Acne - the methods of prevention and treatment


Brief description

Acne Acne or, as often referred to this disease, acne vulgaris - a chronic, relapsing inflammation of the sebaceous glands.There is due to blockage of sebum glands and imbalance of androgens in the body.As a result, the skin appears black, purulent acne, the inner content of which is an excellent breeding ground for the development of all kinds of bacteria and pathogenic microflora.

The most common acne treatment which involves a comprehensive approach, occurs in adolescents aged 15 to 18 years, but the coincidence of a number of factors and inflammation may occur in older persons.Among the factors that cause acne, should include genetic predisposition, poor diet with a predominance of animal fats and disruption of the endocrine glands.

Acne - Symptoms and clinical presentation

main feature, suggesting a diagnosis "acne vulgaris" - is papules, pustular rash, which eventually transformed into a bright red or pink capsule filledpus.Around it there are all signs o

f inflammation - namely, swelling and redness of the skin.

Depending on the intensity of the process, and secrete induratum flegmoznye acne.The first is an extensive infiltrates that do not affect the underlying layers of the skin.The second is developing slowly and for a long time, but penetrate deep into the skin and require long, time-consuming treatment.In some cases, they merge into one large lesion.

If a person is diagnosed with acne, treatment of folk remedies and traditional medicines must be administered as soon as possible.Otherwise disease threatens to move into the necrotic form in which the large-scale destruction of the skin tissue cells to form a deep, ugly scar.

acne treatment with traditional methods

To get rid of acne you must use a comprehensive approach.In the treatment of used antibacterials, antibiotics (tetracyclines), antiandrogen medications and drugs that promote the normal secretion of the sebaceous glands, such as isotretinoin.To prevent candidiasis, patient is prescribed Nystatin.If a person has revealed a severe form of acne, the treatment involves the use of antimicrobials (metronidazole) and immunocorrective (dekaris) funds.

For external use only recommended degreasing and disinfecting solutions containing antibiotics, sulfur, salicylic acid or retinoic and milk Vidal.Supplementation should be combined with the use of vitamins of groups A, B, C and E. The quite good efficiency show physiotherapy - cryotherapy, ultraviolet radiation and electrocoagulation.When the diagnosis of acne treatment is carried out for 2-3 months until the disappearance of eels.After that is supportive therapy.

Prevention of disease is in compliance with hygiene and the prevention of skin oily seborrhea.

Acne Treatment folk remedies

greatest efficiency in the breeding of eels showed oil mixture.That's part of some of them:

  • hazelnut oil, grapeseed and jojoba oil in a ratio of 5, 3 and 2 ml.respectively.To the resulting mixture was added 3 drops of essential oil of geranium, pine needles and cedar Atlas;
  • 2 drops of lavender oil, lemon and clove added to a mixture consisting of hazelnut oil (5 ml) and macadamia (3 mL) and evening primrose;
  • hazelnut oil and grape seed (5 ml) is mixed with essential oils of tea tree and manuka (3 drops).If the pharmacy you will find grape seed oil, then replace it with a butter cookie.

Cooked mixture stored in a cool, dry place in bottles of dark glass.They have been applied after washing on a slightly damp skin (3-4 drops enough to handle the entire face).To prevent greasy blot the face with a soft cloth after 15-20 minutes after application, but ideal - give the oil mixture completely absorbed.You can use the medicine at night, when there is no need to worry about compliance with dry skin.

In recent years, appeared in stores ready mixture of oils and cosmetic facial masks.They can be used, but before that, be sure to check with your doctor, because the mask must be chosen, taking into account the form of acne and some other factors.

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