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7 interesting facts about IVF

IVF, or in vitro fertilization - a method of treatment of infertility, which in its time was the cause of many broken spears, because the people who worked on its creation, was accused as much in competition with God.Now there are few who deny the existence of the right method, and the "children of the tubes," nobody will be surprised.Nevertheless, a certain magic in vitro fertilization procedure is, because the process of the birth of new life is always a mystery, and even now it is not completely solved.We offer you a selection of interesting facts related to the in vitro fertilization.

1. The first successful IVF procedure

first IVF finished well childbirth, was held in 1977, and the first attempt was made in the 17th century.Mankind has long beating on it, three centuries to find a solution the problem of infertility and relentless attempts to argue fate - is not stubbornness?It simply could not be rewarded.

2. Louise Brown - the first baby born using IVF

July 25, 1978 was born the mos

t sensational babe in the history of mankind, the first "test tube baby".This happened in England, became happy parents Lesley and John Brown, and the girl named Louise.She was the most common newborn girl, and as far as growth is not better or worse than others, and this too was a revelation - confirmed the assumption that children born using IVF do not create any ethical issues, they are just like everyone else,and also have the right to exist.Louise's sister Natalie was also conceived by artificial means, and it is also famous.Natalie Brown became the first test-tube baby, who was born naturally conceived baby.

3. 6 million children were born through IVF

Today held 6 000 000 successful operations in vitro fertilization.Think - 6 000 000 people received the right to life thanks to scientists and doctors.That's more than the entire population of Denmark.

4. The optimum age for IVF

most appropriate age for IVF - from 25 to 40 years old.It is noted that the effectiveness of attempts undertaken to rapidly falls after 40 years and after 43 years reaches a minimum.Nevertheless, even here in vitro fertilization pushes the boundaries of the possible.Most age woman who could get pregnant using IVF, and then successfully carry and give birth, and even the twins (girl and boy), this Omkara Panvar from India.It happened in 2008, at the time she was 70 years old, and a happy father - 77.

5. The ban on sex selection for a child

reason that Omkara Panvar in such a ripe old age decided on artificial insemination, was a strong desirea son, despite the fact that she already had two daughters and five grandchildren even.

Currently, the child's sex during IVF to choose smoking, it is considered unethical, and in those countries where the birth of a child of one sex due to cultural traditions are much more desirable than the birth of the child of the other sex, can lead to serious demographic problems.Doctors allow only one exception - cases where the floor may be related to the child inherited pathology.

6. Not all IVF attempts are successful

misconception is that artificial insemination is one hundred percent efficiency.This is not true.Successful are approximately 35% of IVF, even a number of successful attempts to terminate a spontaneous abortion.In most cases, the procedure used by women with health problems, which may partly explain these figures.It should be remembered that in completely healthy people is not 100% of attempts to conceive a child naturally terminate pregnancy.

7. IVF more successful in the warmer months

explanation for this has yet been found, but the fact remains - IVF attempts, conducted in the spring and summer, more likely to be successful, is convincingly confirmed by the collected statistics.

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