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Alikaps - reviews , instructions , application

Alikaps - biologically active food supplement recommended for men of any age for erectile dysfunction.

composition and the form of Alikapsa

Supplements Alikaps release capsules of 4 or 8 pieces per pack.The main active components of supplements are longifolia extract evrikomy 300 mg, "Damiana" leaf extract and 50 mg of extract of creeping palm 50mg.As part of the preparation contains only natural ingredients.

Understanding Alikaps

preparation since ancient times in medicine Malaysian longifolia evrikoma used to enhance male potency and increase sexual desire.

And thanks to the use of the extract of dwarf palm Alikapsa stimulates the production of sex hormones in the body.According to reviews, Alikaps helps produce semen in men and increases the erection.

leaf extract "Damiana" is still used Maya Indians thanks to a strong stimulating effect.

Thus, the regular use of Alikapsa stimulates the hormonal regulation, that is, significantly improves the hormonal system, in particular, the sexua

l glands.Dietary supplement increases the production of sperm, increases libido, and anti-inflammatory effect and also has the presence of infection in the urogenital system.

Indications Alikapsa

Dietary supplement Alikaps, according to the instructions, indicated for adult males of all ages in order to strengthen erections and sexual desire.

Alikapsa Dosing and dosing regimen

According to the instructions, Alikaps taken at a dose of 1 capsule per day during meals.It is advisable to take the drug in the morning and drink a small amount of liquid.The duration of supplements is one month.

Contraindications Alikapsa

Alikaps not recommended for people suffering from insomnia are prone to increased nervous excitability, as well as cardiac disorders, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure.

contraindicated receiving supplements if you are hypersensitive to one or more of its components.

Before receiving Alikapsa are advised to consult with your doctor.

Supplements Do not take children under 14 years.

Side effects

On reviews, Alikaps well tolerated and does not cause side effects.


Alikaps Terms related to OTC drugs with the recommended storage period of 2 years.

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