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Hiccups - Causes, tools , how to get rid

Hiccups Hiccups - a violation of the respiratory function, arising from a series of spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm, which manifests itself in short intense spontaneous respiratory movements.Sudden jerky contraction of the diaphragm leads to a sudden change in the volume of the chest, the lungs fill the resulting volume, stretching and provoking convulsive breath.The sudden movement in the mucosa of the larynx the air irritates the nerve endings and reflex closes the glottis.It looks like a hiccup repetitive short and intense respiratory movements resembling the convulsive sobs.

Hiccups very unpleasant for human phenomenon, causing severe discomfort, unpredictable and spontaneous, it can often occur in the most inopportune moment.

episodic or short-term hiccup occurs suddenly, lasts 10-15 minutes and just as suddenly stopped.Such inconvenience is not worth special attention.

Hiccups lasting occurs every day for several weeks or longer, can last for hours and even days.

Hiccups: causes

Causes of transient hiccups can be called external, they can be caused by excessive overeating or hunger, thirst, eating dry food (biscuits, bread), alcohol abuse, extreme temperature changes, stress or strong emotion.

Causes prolonged hiccups - internal.Rather, it is the result of various serious health problems, such as liver, pancreas, gall bladder, diseases of the digestive system or the central nervous system, diabetes, vasoconstriction, infection, parasitic disease (helminthiasis, giardiasis).

Hiccups in newborns

Hiccups in newborns frequent phenomenon, explained extreme excitability mechanisms regulating the contractile function of the diaphragm in the first months of life.A newborn baby is adjusting to an independent life outside the mother's body and all its organs and systems learn to work.The main causes of hiccups in newborns following:

  • Excessive gastric distension got into it during feeding air;
  • Excessive stretching of the stomach with food, as a result of overfeeding the child;
  • Hypothermia;
  • strong fear, anxiety, agitation;
  • Incorrect maternal nutrition, if the child is breastfed.

Eliminate the causes of hiccups in newborns is not difficult.If the room is cold - wrap the baby, take him in his arms, warm with its warmth.If the hiccups started after or during feeding, diarrhea baby vertically, head up, patting his back or tummy.From the stomach come out excess air, and the hiccups stop.Hiccups in newborns - a normal physiological process, as soon as the child gets older, hiccups pass.

If hiccups in newborns regular and prolonged, you must consult your doctor as it may indicate the presence of a baby has a serious illness.

Hiccups in the Child

Hiccups in a child is often the case, as they grow older it is, hiccuping, begins to feel discomfort and anxiety.Hiccups in the child can begin, if it is:

  • Eating dry foods (crackers, cookies, bagels) not drinking;
  • overeaten, and your stomach is unable to cope with the volume of food;
  • just wants to drink;
  • supercooled.

If hiccups the child is rare and lasts less than an hour, there is no cause for concern.In the case of a regular long-term hiccups child should see a doctor immediately.One of the most common causes of hiccups the child may be the presence of his worms.

How to get rid of hiccups

question of how to get rid of the hiccups, so urgent, that the finder only correct answer is guaranteed universally recognized.Unfortunately, such a means of hiccups is not yet invented.Ideally hiccups should stop after 5-15 minutes after it began, as involuntarily.If it does not, and you want to immediately stop the hiccups, try the following recommendations below.

When hiccups caused by problems with breathing, it must be restored, returning to normal mode to get rid of hiccups.To do this, there are a number of special exercises, from which you must choose the most suitable to you:

  • Make the most of a deep breath, exhale the air in small portions, to each exhalation briefly holding the breath;
  • Take a paper bag wrapped around the edge of her hands firmly pressed it to his face, inhale and exhale as the intense and often as possible, preventing the penetration of air into the package;
  • small sips, without interruption, drink a glass of water.

How to get rid of hiccups caused by problems with the digestive system:

  • Eat something sweet, such as a spoonful of honey or sugar;
  • eat something sour, such as a slice of lemon or lime juice to drink diluted with water;
  • drink ice water or just sucked a piece of ice.

In a situation where none of the above remedies for hiccups does not help if it is associated with a disorder of the digestive system, these drugs are recommended: Reglan, atropine, motilium, scopolamine.Pipolfen or haloperidol relieve spasms and irritation of the diaphragm is stopped, restoring the normal functioning of the central nervous system.Use the medication as a means of hiccups is possible only on the recommendation of the attending physician.

If the hiccups do not stop within a few hours and sometimes several times during the day, you need to find out the cause of its occurrence.To do this, go to the hospital to get tested and get advice from specialists.Often this hiccup is a symptom of a serious disease.

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