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And Amputation - Glossary of Medical Terms


Amputation Amputation I (lat amputatio -. Cut-off) - surgery to cut off a limb or its peripheral parts with the intersection (snacking, sawing), or bone removal body (breast, uterus, penis).

are the following types of amputation:

  • Beznadkostnichnaya (aperiostalis; Synonyms: amputation aperiosteal, Bunge amputation) - clipping, from sawing the bone produced by 10 mm distal to the level of dissection of the periosteum;
  • secondary (secundaria) - the amputation of a limb after an injury caused by severe, life-threatening complications;
  • Guillotine (guillotinea) - circular amputation, produced by crossing to the bone all the soft tissue immediately followed by sawing bones at the same level;
  • osteoplastic (osteoplastica) - amputation, during which the bone sawdust covered with autograft bone to create a stump support;
  • Circular (circularis) - amputation produced stratified circular incision;proximal limb muscles cross section of skin, bone - muscle proximal to the place of intersection;
  • Patchwork - amputation of shearing with 1-2 skin and muscle flaps, and the intersection at the base of their bones;cuts out patches given to the scar was less than the loaded surface of the stump;
  • Uterine high (uteri alta) - removal of the uterus body, while maintaining its lower part;
  • Uterine supravaginal (uteri supravaginalis) - removal of the uterus body, while maintaining the distal portion of the cervix;
  • Primary (primaria) - amputation of limbs after injury, produced due to the severity of the damage;
  • Primary transport - amputation of the primary end, which is held on the soft tissue flaps during its apparent frailty;
  • subperiosteal (historical .; subperiostalis) - amputation of a sawing bone proximal to the intersection of the periosteum after detachment of the cuff, which further covers the bone sawdust;
  • Late (tarda) - amputation because of fatal consequences of the disease or injury, make sure functionally useless and burdensome for the patient;
  • partial amputation (partialis) - amputation with removal of only the medial, lateral or middle part of the foot or hand with the corresponding fingers.

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