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Calorie Cabbage Cabbage

or kale - crop, which belongs to one of the most important vegetable plants due to its medicinal properties and nutritional value.Cabbage, which is rather low caloric value, is one of the most important ingredients of health diets and food systems for effective weight loss.Dietary dish of cabbage are tasty, nutritious and rich in vitamins, and thanks to the healing properties, they are included in the diet of patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases.What are the useful properties of cabbage?How to cook cabbage for weight loss?

Cabbage: calorie, useful properties, the use of cabbage

Fresh cabbage, calorie which is only 24 calories per 100 g, has a number of medicinal properties, due to the high sucrose content, mineral salts of potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, lactose,a number of enzymes (lipases, proteases).Cabbage, caloric which is stored at a low level at various ways of cooking, is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B6, C, P, K, as well as the U vitamin, which h

as anti-ulcer properties.Volatile (biologically active substances formed by plants) consisting of cabbage inhibit the growth and development of bacteria, fungi and protozoa in the body.Rich enzyme composition accelerates the processes of digestion and fat digestion (using the enzyme lipase) in the body that promotes effective weight loss.

Nutrientny composition of cabbage, which caloric content varies depending on the method of preparation:

  • Proteins - 1.8 g;
  • Fat - 0.1 g;
  • Carbohydrates - 6.8 g

pharmacological properties of the product are very diverse.Cabbage, caloric and vitamin composition which makes it an indispensable product in the daily diet, speeds up the metabolic processes in the body.Cabbage has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.This vegetable is included in the medical diets prescribed for stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, colitis, gastritis, liver disease.Vitamins contained in the cabbage help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.Cabbage is useful for atherosclerosis, gout, coronary heart disease, gallstones, kidney disease (potassium salt output fluid from the body), constipation and bowel dysfunction, gastritis with low acidity.

Cabbage stimulates the secretion of gastric glands, and is not recommended for gastric hyperacidity.Dishes cabbage is not recommended to include a dietary menu enteritis and diarrhea, as crude fiber promote intestinal bloating.

Due to its unique properties, the cabbage is used in cooking for cooking a variety of dietary meals in dietetics - to correct a variety of conditions in cosmetology - for cleansing and normalizing the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin.

Cabbage Diet

Cabbage Diet is an indispensable product that allows you to eat a hearty and varied during dieting.How cabbage contributes to weight loss?Cabbage, which is sufficiently low calorie contains coarse fiber, and helps to eliminate toxins, toxins of cholesterol from the body.Cabbage diet is effective because of the following properties:

  • rich enzyme composition.In addition to the fiber content, in the cabbage contains tartronic acid, helps to slow down (inhibiting property) processed by the body of carbohydrates and their transformation into fat.Tartronic acid is destroyed by heat treatment of the product;
  • Low calorie (maximum calorie cabbage, stewed with meat - 160 calories).

Sauerkraut, which allows you to include calorie it in any diet menus, can not only effectively reduce weight, but also to fill the balance of vitamins, micro and macro.Cabbage provides long saturate, allowing to eliminate unnecessary snacks from the diet, as well as to avoid the physiological and psychological stress that inevitably arise in compliance with many restrictive diets.

When dieting fresh cabbage, calorie salads of which does not exceed 50 calories per 100 grams, which is explained by the addition of vegetable fats, it is recommended to use in limited quantities in order to avoid bowel distention and discomfort in the digestive tract.For effective weight loss recommend cabbage stew, bake or boil.Cabbage diet is recommended to cook in a pure form, without the addition of meat, which significantly reduces the calorie dishes.To prepare the cabbage, which will be stored on the calorie level low enough, it is recommended to use vegetable oils (sunflower, olive oil).

Dietary dish of cabbage

Thanks taste of cabbage, calorie, cooking ease, duration of storage and the high content of nutrients that are stored in the cabbage for a long time, this vegetable has taken a leading position in nutrition.Cabbage used in fresh, boiled, baked, stewed, fried, pickled, pickled and used in cooking as a filling.For the cabbage diet, caloric which depends on the method of its preparation, recommend to use in raw or boiled and pickled or stewed.

How many calories are in cabbage?There are several ways to prepare dietary dishes from cabbage, including quenching.When you add vegetable fat to extinguish cabbage calorie it increases to 118 calories.When added to animal fat caloric cabbage it can reach up to 168 calories per 100 g of product.The best way to prepare cabbage is to add 1 tablespoon vegetable oil (preferably olive) and 100 ml of water, brought to a boil, and the spices, salt and sugar.Cabbage braised until tender.When cooking cabbage in a way you can not think about how many calories are in cabbage, and eat the dish without significant restrictions.Some recipes recommend adding water instead of chicken broth into the cabbage, which will significantly increase the caloric content.With this method of preparation of cabbage calorie reaches 130 calories per 100 grams of the finished food.

Among the dishes of fresh cabbage, calorie which is maintained at a low level, include a variety of salads, which also applies cabbage kvashennaya.Kaloriynost such dishes will vary depending on other ingredients: vegetables, meat, salad.To maintain a minimum level of calories in the sauerkraut, it is recommended to use a small amount of vegetable oil.Sauerkraut, a calorie is stored at extremely low levels, is an indispensable source of vitamins and valuable nutrients for the winter.This dietary dish of cabbage will help to diversify the diet any diet without breaking the daily limit caloric intake.

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