Causes of chest pain during pregnancy

Chest in the broadest sense - is the thorax, which consists of a bone skeleton, thoracic, intercostal muscles, and the least - the mammary glands.The internal organs of the chest are also subject to all kinds of pathological changes.Almost after conception, women feel discomfort or pain in the breast during pregnancy are associated with changes in hormonal levels.But this is not the only cause of pain.

Women suffering mastopathy, "accustomed" to such a condition that occurs before menstruation.Typically, amplification of pain in the breast care patients and doctors due to suspicion of cancer - the fear of breast cancer.

When starts to hurt his chest during pregnancy

However, not all of the pain associated with changes in the mammary glands.So when the chest starts to hurt during pregnancy, you need to pass an additional examination in order to identify the following pathological conditions:

  • Angina;
  • Intercostal neuralgia;
  • Tonzillokardialny syndrome;
  • Myositis pectoral muscles;
  • Pathology of the respiratory system.

Angina often have chest pain during pregnancy localized in the chest radiating to the left breast.When viewed from both breasts equally enlarged nipples are slightly raised, no knots.Electrocardiogram reveals the true cause of the pain.

Intercostal neuralgia also provoke chest pain in pregnancy, wearing acute.Simultaneously back pain in the thoracic region, which may be associated with symptoms of osteoarthritis.If even in the past twentieth century it belonged to disease pathology maturity, now intervertebral hernia diagnosed at inspection middle school students.

During exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis there is pain behind the breastbone.They mimic ischemic heart disease with the characteristic irradiation to the breast nipple.

Colds sometimes accompanied by inflammation of the muscles of the chest, which are located behind the breast.Naturally, in this case there are pains in the breast during pregnancy and at the same time hurt the breast.

When pneumonia every cough push provokes acute pain.Inflammation of the respiratory system is always linked to their functions, so there is a painful exhale or inhale.

chest hurts during early pregnancy

In normal pregnancy the mammary gland occurs preparation for feeding the baby.Under the influence of hormones breasts increase in volume.This leads to unpleasant sensations, such as:

  • bloating;
  • Itching and burning in the breast;
  • appearance of chest pain during pregnancy from mechanical impact - touching, rubbing against the bra;
  • appearance of colostrum discharge from the nipple.

Such changes are typical for nulliparous women and is genetic.Therefore, there is individual sensitivity in pregnant women.In some severely sore breasts at the beginning of pregnancy, others skin stretch marks are formed.Repeated pregnancy (if the first delivery was over, and not interrupt), usually felt only release colostrum, and even then not all.Mammary glands have undergone a process of growth and then return to its original size, so they are not accompanied by an increase in troubles.

As a rule, after the formation of the placenta, changes in the mammary glands end.There is a term of 16-18 weeks.In some cases, stop chest pain during pregnancy in term of 12-14 weeks, with symptoms of early toxicity.

noted that women in the special exercises with a load on the pectoral muscles, there is an outflow of lymph from the space located behind the breast.As a result of active drainage improves cell metabolism, pain disappear.

Drug treatment of breast pain during pregnancy is not carried out.

Chest pain during pregnancy as a result of malignancy

Breast cancer associated with pregnancy - age phenomenon.Most malignant process is triggered by conception or breastfeeding women older than 45 years.Recently, similar cases increased in connection with the "late" birth of the first child.Particular caution is contingent multiparous but primiparous due to hormonal failure after the violent interruption of a previous pregnancy.

symptoms of breast cancer are masked due to physiological breast pain during pregnancy, however, you should pay attention to the fact that the malignant process develops on one side.In addition, the thesis oncologists that "there are no cancer without precancer" is an axiom.When a woman before pregnancy was diagnosed with a precancerous condition, a pregnant woman should be observed not only obstetrician-gynecologist, but also at the oncologist.

newly diagnosed cancer associated with pregnancy, easy to surgical treatment without the use of chemotherapy, which may adversely affect the fetal position.

stopped aching breasts during pregnancy

considerable concern at the phenomenon of child-bearing in the early stages is the sudden cessation of symptoms of toxicity.Sometimes this happens without the intervention of doctors and self-treatment: at any stage up to 11-12 weeks, suddenly stopped hurting breasts during pregnancy, disappeared nausea, dizziness stopped and other troubles.In such cases, an urgent need to undergo an ultrasound examination.If early termination of toxicity associated with the individual characteristics of the organism, the fetus does not suffer.In the worst cases diagnosed so-called "missed abortion", which is a frustrated miscarriage.

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