Basic safety rules on the road for children

roads and railways are a source of increased danger for all pedestrians, and especially children, who have undeveloped sense of danger in front of moving vehicles.Congenital defensive reflex in the human road conditions can play a cruel joke.Instead, in order not to run out into the road, the child jumps from a moving car, and falls under the wheels after riding machine.Parents must ensure road safety for children, holding them by the hand, moving the transition.The most dangerous age - one or two years.Parent child's brain is underdeveloped.When one of the dominant higher nervous system can not instantly switch to a different type of activity.If the ball escaped from the hands and rolled away, you need to catch up with him and pick up.At the same time it does not matter which way have to run.The child is formed only one thought more of his brain can not process.Moving the car been involved for the child simply does not notice it.The situation is similar with the older children, who are trying to save t

he kitten, jumped into the roadway.Road safety for children includes a number of restrictive measures, the need for which it is necessary to explain to the child that age, he begins to understand speech.The kid needs to know that the machine can not stop instantly, it necessarily will pass a few meters and the braking distance rail transport is much longer.Therefore, the game near the railroad tracks is strictly prohibited.

kid should know the following rules for the safety of children on the road, which are aimed at preventing injuries:

  • Under no circumstances do not need to run out to the roadway;
  • Do not attempt to touch the moving car at slow speed;
  • not touch the wheels standing in the courtyard of the machine, especially not to use it for games of hide and seek;
  • Standing need to get the car from the rear or front only at a distance that can be run off to the side with a sudden onset of motion;
  • seeing a moving car in the yard, you need to step aside, it is better to go back to the entrance and wait until the machine will travel.

road safety for children should be engaged in a number of adults are, no matter who they have a child.

Rules child safety on the road

From early childhood, it is necessary to explain to the child traffic rules for pedestrians, strengthening the knowledge of his own example.Children need to know the following provisions, which it is important to perform under any circumstances:

  • need to cross the street only in those places where there is a road marking: "zebra", and green traffic lights;
  • best to provide adult road safety for children walking on their own, it is important to wait for all adults, and with them go the way;
  • In no case can not run across the roadway - traffic on the road should only be a step;
  • should not hurry to go on the road, having passed the first moving car, for him may go the other machines;
  • the purpose of road safety, for children, following an organized group has developed special rules.This movement column accompanied by an adult caregivers: at the head and rear.At the same time the guys must have identification items - flags, balloons, etc .;
  • If there is an underground passage, it is necessary to use even in the acute shortage of time;
  • cross the carriageway, according to safety standards on the road, for children it is important to know that the first thing to look to the left, after crossing the half of the road - to the right;
  • cars to public transport: buses, trams, taxis - get dangerous on either side, both front rear.Go out for a better transition by going the "extra" meter to the right or to the left along the road;
  • According to the safety requirements on the road to children at public transport stops can not stand on the sidelines, but you need to be on a special platform.

Every child is important to understand that the road is a danger to life.This provision is most effective for children because they are more afraid of death or injury than the delay.

Road safety for children

Drivers should be particularly vigilant with regard to young pedestrians and passengers, including their own children.According to the concept of road safety for children adopted by all European countries, a child up to 12 years with an increase in one and a half meters must be located inside the vehicle is only fastened to a special seat in the back seat.The child seat is fixed to the passenger seat and performs the function of fixing the body in the event of sudden braking.

When driving drivers need to reduce speed near educational and preschool institutions, regardless of whether there are warning signs and "speed bumps".

special vigilance should be exercised when driving on residential areas.Before you park, or begin a movement for safety on the road for children, make sure that none of the kids are not around.The proximity of this should not be less than ten meters.

Parents need to know that the child's psyche is set up so that parents can never cause harm to him.So kids fearlessly approach the cars of parents, considering them as safe as father and mother.The child should be explained that the road safety for children have to be performed, regardless of whose car moves around.In each car there are some "dead spots", which are invisible when driving.So before you start a movement, it is recommended to bypass the car around and make sure that no one is behind the car.

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