Measuring basal body temperature during pregnancy

body temperature has clear limits of norm and pathology.Changes in the proportion of degrees, considered the individual characteristics of the organism, are the exceptions that prove the rule.The upper limit of normal is on the scale of the thermometer, at around 37 ° C.Further increase requires further investigation.This rule applies to the measurement of body temperature in the armpit or at the elbow bending - recommended for breast-feeding, because of the "working" body in the armpit temperature is higher.

basal or rectal temperature differs from the standard values ​​that shows the true state of the organism.The word "basal" in this konekste means "the source".Therefore, when making any physical action figures on a thermometer change.Therefore, basal temperature is measured during pregnancy on strict rules:

  • Since the spill;
  • not getting out of bed;
  • Thermometer should be close to him could take his hand lying.

Under these conditions Indicators are real.Suffice it to sit down on the bed to a te

mperature change, and in any direction.Moreover, there should be no re-change during the day or at night.The scale of the thermometer will reflect the situation at the time of measurement, but not basal, ie, the original.

basal body temperature during pregnancy indicates the saturation of the organism progestins - the main hormones whose action is directed to the maturation and gestation.

to determine ovulation is also used temperature method, but currently it is actively substitute tests for ovulation.Hold them much easier, and reliability of the results is much higher.

However, basal temperature is measured in cases of dispute, when it is not known whether there was intrauterine fetal death.Often, in practice, there are situations accompanied by prolonged spotting.This occurs in the early stages of gestation of the child.The heartbeat of the fetus on the ultrasound machine is marked with only eight weeks of age.uterine size increases only in the fifth or sixth week, and determine the status of the fetus can only be in terms of basal body temperature during pregnancy graphic image which is described as monophasic direct.

Chart basal body temperature during pregnancy

After ovulation, the body temperature set value progestins - female hormones designed to maturation of cells of the endometrium, the mucous membranes, the surface layer of the skin - is pregnant.After conceiving a child effect of progestogens is not canceled until birth, no matter what term.Therefore, the graph of basal body temperature during pregnancy should be a straight line, located at around 37.1 ° C and above.The main indicator is not a value (it washes be 37.3 ° C), and its stability.The zigzag curve shows hormonal disorders.If the basal temperature during pregnancy is much higher than the initial value, and close to the mark at 38 ° C, to think about the causes of non-childbearing.Such as:

  • Acute poisoning;
  • infectious disease;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • Inflammatory changes of organs, provoked by pregnancy.

often correct indicators of basal body temperature during pregnancy is the only criterion, indicating that the child is alive and continues to grow, regardless of the threat of interruption of the symptoms.

Low basal temperature during pregnancy

rectal temperature values ​​are not determined by its height at the time of measurement, and the previous indicators.Women who use this method for determining ovulation are a graph showing clearly values ​​and monthly during the second phase of the menstrual cycle.If prior to the second phase at the time of ovulation and had low basal temperature at a value above its pregnancy, but remain at the same level.It is much more difficult for women who are starting to schedule maintenance during pregnancy.There are grounds for concern.However, it should be borne in mind the individual characteristics of the organism.Some women nurture a child, while their basal temperature may be only 36,8-36,9 ° C, sometimes classic: 36,6 ° C.

important that the temperature curve is at the same level, without "hops" up and down.

really dangerous decrease in basal body temperature during pregnancy is marked in cases where its values ​​are below the baseline.In such cases, a hormone replacement therapy.

basal temperature for missed abortion missed abortion

essentially means frustrated miscarriage.The woman has no menses, and development of the fetus is terminated in connection with his death in utero.The body reacts to decrease the level of progestogens, but the number does not reach a critical level, sufficient for rejection of the internal uterine lining layer, as is the case with the monthly.Bleeding is missing, interrupt the threat of symptoms is not observed, but the development of the fetus is terminated.

basal temperature for missed abortion also has a monophasic character, but its value is much lower.It is absolutely unimportant gestational age, in any trimester of basal temperature should be the same from the beginning of the second phase of the menstrual cycle before the birth of the child.

temperature method for the diagnosis of missed abortion is not the only one, so the fluctuations in the chart is necessary to pass fetal ultrasound.In the later stages of a procedure for measuring the rectal temperature is losing its relevance.

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