Causes of acetone in pregnancy

During childbearing body expectant mother works at least one and a half times stronger than a woman is pregnant.The load on all organs and systems has not increased since that time, as the placenta is formed and formed a third circle of blood circulation, and from the moment of conception.Increased intensity of the body is accompanied by generation of excess metabolites.Therefore, the appearance in the analysis of acetone during pregnancy is possible at any stage.Normally, ketones (simply, acetone) cells appear to be necessary in the feedback elements by means of which signal the cell deficiency glucose.As soon as the acetone during pregnancy, in the central nervous system is a signal that include an additional mechanism for energy production.Way neoglyukogeneza spare, and he works in extreme situations.The fact that a woman bears a child, not a pathology, so the appearance of acetone during pregnancy indicates metabolic disorders.

Normal gestation embryo provides additional energy costs for the format

ion of fetal organs.Expenses carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals.Adipose tissue connected to metabolism in cases where the ends of glycogen reserve or mobile proteins circulating in the blood.When starting the splitting of fatty acids, a considerable amount appears intermediates biochemical reaction - ketones.Under normal conditions they are immediately processed intracellularly to yield additional molecules of ATP.When the amount of ketones becomes critical, the intracellular processing of the reserves are exhausted, as appears in the body of acetone in pregnancy is indicative of metabolic disorders.Ketones first appear in the blood.For a time, they are filtered out by the liver cells and detoxified.Further education of intermediate metabolites, reserve capacity of liver cells is not enough, then there acetone in the urine of pregnant women, which is an important diagnostic feature.

acetone in the urine of pregnant

Evidence that the body has earned siding energy production, is the emergence of acetone during pregnancy urinalysis.The causes of pathology can serve the following states:

  • Alcoholism as acute poisoning with alcohol, and chronic;
  • Passion unloading days in order to reduce weight;
  • Infectious Diseases;
  • condition of chronic stress;
  • fever.

under the influence of alcohol is disabled optional (no spare!) Way of energy production - anaerobic.It leads to the release of energy and a small amount of ethanol several molecules, called endogenous.As an alternate path is blocked, immediately turns on the reserve - neoglyukogenez.The result is a body in acetone, during pregnancy, when the liver is fully operational, without ketone bodies enter the blood processing.Then, they are output in the urine as potentially dangerous elements.

Fasting days are appointed at abnormal weight gain, in order to detect hidden edema.When a pregnant exclude from the diet of flour, sugary foods, there is a deficiency of glucose in the blood.Naturally, the process starts neoglyukogeneza.

Infectious agents: bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites - requires additional energy costs, not only for immune responses, but, as they say, for his own use.Cell membranes consist of microbial polysaccharides, and during reproduction, they comprise a composition of glucose circulating in the blood.Starting neoglyukogeneza mechanism provokes the appearance of acetone in the blood during pregnancy, so infections are accompanied by ketonuria.

Stress reactions are accompanied by the release of hormones - glucocorticoids.Their name speaks for itself, "causing gluconeogenesis."As for injuries, physical and psychological stress appears acetone, pregnancy is detected at once as a woman to each dispensary turnout overall pass urine.

mechanism of formation of acetone in pregnancy with elevated body temperature is due to the appearance in the blood of pyrogenic substances for disposal which also requires additional energy.

elevated acetone pregnancy

Ketone or acetone (synonyms) in blood and urine should be determined not in any quantities.The formation and neutralization of intermediate metabolites normally completed at the cell level, therefore, when it comes to acetone elevated during pregnancy, it is meant any urinalysis presence or increased amount in dynamics.

As a reaction to the acetone-quality, test results are marked with "+", with an increase in the amount of ketones put two and three plus.The lower boundary is marked as "traces of acetone."

the treatment ketonuria positive dynamics is considered to be a steady decline in the amount of acetone in pregnancy is dangerous for his appearance fetal brain.Therefore, the detection of "traces of ketone bodies" in the urine must be further examination in a hospital.

acetone The smell in pregnancy

Severe form of ketonuria usually accompanies the following complications:

  • Severe toxicity;
  • progression of preeclampsia to the stage of pre-eclampsia;
  • Debut diabetes.

Elevated levels of ketones in the blood leads to a smell of acetone in pregnancy, which is totally different from chemical evaporation of the solvent with the same formula.It's the smell of roasted or pickled apples.The reason for its occurrence - the excretory function of the lungs.In such cases, the survey is also recommended in the hospital.

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