Aspirator for newborns - the purpose and principle of operation

to evacuate mucus and amniotic fluid in the delivery room using vacuum suction with a suction catheter - a soft silicone tube with a rounded edge.This is the real aspirator for babies, the use of which must be in labor, regardless of gestational age and fetal condition.Suction mucus producing physician or midwife in the second stage of labor, when the head of the newborn appears.Rather than force the generic activities produced pumping liquid contents from the lungs, oral and nasal cavity, while the baby's chest in the birth canal is at maximum compression.The mouth and both nostrils alternately inserted the tip of the transparent tube, the machine at a pressure of more than 100 mm.Hg.Art.frees the airways baby.Moreover, each vacuum suction, which is used in the delivery room, the operation mode is delimited: applying pressure above the threshold value is impossible.When using

aspirator for babies in the delivery room is required to pump out liquid from the mouth, nose and only in those cases where th

e heartbeat of the fetus is unaffected.If it is slowed to 120 beats / min or less, pumping is not performed from the nasal airway.Therefore, such a device can not be called very nasal.

In the neonatal period the child is not suffering from a runny nose, because the secretory cells of the mucosa of the nasal cavity is not yet developed.Moreover, until the second year of life, and sometimes a little longer, velum child is shortened, so the baby can suckle and breathe through the nose at the same time.At a cold process baby food more difficult.The kid is forced to interrupt the act of sucking or temporarily refuse the breast, because he can not blow his nose.

similar vacuum-suck the delivery room devices with similar functions became known as nasal aspirator for babies, implying pumping mucous secretions in rhinitis in young children.

Nasal aspirator for infants

most minor hypothermia in a child, no matter what age, causes inflammation of the nasal mucosa.So from that kid ran barefoot on the cold floor, develops a runny nose.If you do not use an aspirator for babies, to pump out the contents of the nose, there is the following clinical picture.As a child up to three years can not blow his nose, runny nose drip on his upper lip.But it is visible to others part of the problem.The most dangerous development of events going on inside the body.Mucous, and sometimes pus, discharge much more drain into the nasal cavity, getting into the bronchi.

appears cough.Moreover, it causes irritation epiglottis swallowing reflex as the nasal cavity of the gastro-intestinal tract gets inflammatory exudate contains pathogens.

Thus, the use of an aspirator for babies is a prophylactic against bronchitis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Best aspirator suction

newborn nose underwent a kind of evolution in each stage which appeared new, more advanced forms of devices.Currently, each of them is used is still quite effective.All currently known devices are placed in the following classification:

  • syringes - pears №1, still used in some regional maternity wards;
  • Mechanical pumps are - due to the force of inhalation parents;
  • Vacuum rocking - imitation aspirators in maternity halls are connected to household vacuum cleaners;
  • Electronic compressors - the most modern, stuffed with electronic devices.

Principles aspirators action for newborns are the same: due to the pressure difference of the child's nose all pumped liquid discharge.The only difference is in the approach to the use of a particular device.

Suction using pear as follows: Pear is compressed, the tip is inserted into the child's nostril, the second clamping finger, squirt then decompressed, pumping out the contents of the nasal sinuses.

Mechanical tube as an aspirator for babies used otherwise.The tip is introduced into the nostril of the child, the other end of the tube - in an adult mouth.In the middle of the tube is a transparent container, which is the contents of the nasopharynx baby.Parent self-regulates suction force under the control of, as it sees as the liquid content moves through a tube into the tank.

Vacuum aspirator for babies is a device with a pressure limiter, as well as in the delivery room, up to 100 mm.Hg.Art.and below.Just insert the tip into the child's nose and include a vacuum cleaner.

Electric aspirators for babies have a few extra features that allows you to not only clean the nasal mucosa, but also moisturize it after washing the nasal cavity.Devices equipped with the music, which makes the process of cleansing the nose in an entertaining process.

aspirator for babies, reviews

Of course, the best aspirator for babies - it is one that is easy and uncomplicated help cope with the task.The effectiveness of the device depends on how to operate it.

vacuum suction, for example, requires more motions, the inclusion of a vacuum cleaner, the sound of which can frighten a young child.In addition, in the delivery room manipulation takes 1-3 seconds, while at home the duration of suction can increase tenfold.

Electronic aspirator for babies receives positive feedback from the people who use them less frequently.When the "expensive toy" fails, again have to use the "old-fashioned methods".

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