Adenovirus infection in children - Symptoms and Treatment


belongs to the group of DNA-containing microorganisms.This means that the pathogen is resistant to adverse environmental conditions.At room temperature, the adenovirus is stored around the crescent.All the hazardous properties do not disappear after a double freeze.Destroy the pathogen can only be by boiling or ultraviolet radiation.

Adenovirus infection in children is an infectious disease that is transmitted as airborne droplets or by contact: nutritional or fecal-oral (a disease of dirty hands).The source of infection is a sick man.The virus is found in nasal secretions and feces.Infected children, because they do not always wash their hands, and swimming in open water, swallow the water.Patients with isolated viruses 3-4 weeks after infection.

in kindergartens and schools, an infectious disease transmitted mainly by airborne droplets.Indoors adenoviruses accumulate and settle on toys, notebooks, textbooks.

After infection, the child does not feel any health problems for 3-12 days, alth

ough is a danger to others children.

most commonly adenoviral infection in children develops between the ages of six months to three years.When a child is breastfed, the risk of infection is low due to the immunoglobulin contained in mother's milk.For adenovirus developed antibodies that provide immune protection for 5-8 years.However, immunity is type specific.That is, a person receives protection only from the type of the virus that caused the disease.And these types of currently about fifty.Therefore, infection with adenovirus children who are breastfed develop a fifty-fifty chance, because in the same geographical area "live" no more than two types of pathogen.

Adenovirus infection in children, symptoms

Despite the fact that the adenovirus can cause completely different localization of the disease, to date, there are only two major infection syndrome:

  • Acute respiratory disorder;
  • Faringokonyuktivalnaya fever.

In the first form, current adenoviral infection in children has symptoms similar to the flu, but differ in severity, and the possibility of joining the bacterial flora.For the type of flow characteristic ARI general and local manifestations.Common symptoms include the following:

  • slow onset of the disease: fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite;
  • chills, alternating with a feverish state.

Local manifestations are localized in the "entrance gate»:

  • Nasal congestion;
  • liquid runny nose;
  • Redness and swelling of the tonsils;
  • cough.

By adenoviral infection in children flowing through faringokonyunktivita type first body temperature rises from 38 to 40 ° C.This state lasts for two to five days.At the same time occur inflammatory changes in the level of the pharynx (throat) and eyes (conjunctivitis).His eyes are bloodshot child, and a thin film on the surface.Typically, one eye is affected first, then the second.

complications of adenovirus infection

Virus infection in young children prone to generalization.The adenovirus enters the respiratory tract and cause pneumonia.Otherwise, it is called hemorrhagic, because the destruction of the vessels in the alveoli accumulated blood, making it difficult to breath.

When adenoviral infections in children caused by type №8, there is corneal eye disease that can cause the formation of cataracts.

During disease children under one year often suffer from intestinal disorders.When adenovirus localization in the mesenteric lymph nodes mezoenterit develops, symptoms of which are similar to acute appendicitis.

Treatment of adenovirus infection in children

specific therapy to date does not exist.The action of antiviral drugs does not have the desired effect.Adenoviruses are not sensitive to all antibiotics and sulpha drugs.Nevertheless, given the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the child's body, doctors prescribe antibiotics as treatment of adenovirus infection in children is carried out not to destroy the virus and to prevent severe complications.

sick children stay in bed for a week.Diet provides sufficient protein and the liquid.At high temperatures, are appointed by antipyretics.If there is shortness of breath, the child is given desensitizing agents for the prevention of status asthmaticus.

For the prevention of pneumonia while adenovirus infection in children is carried out distracting treatment: put mustard, use UV lamp.

With symptoms of conjunctivitis is not recommended to remove the resulting film of the night.It is enough to wash the eyes with a weak solution of boric acid (2%) or the usual tea.Adenovirus infection in children, Dr. Komarovsky

pediatrician Komorowski engaged popularization activities with parents, telling them that the virus of the disease do not need any special treatments enjoyed by family members without a prescription.

to treat adenovirus infections in children Komorowski proposes to create the conditions under which it becomes impossible to viral replication.Consequently, the symptoms are smoothed to extinction.

This requires a little:

  • airing premises;
  • Warm clothes;
  • high humidity;
  • Drinking plenty of fluids.

When persistent runny nose decongestants do more good than harm.According to Dr. Komarovsky, a sick child must breathe through the nose!No other medicines without a doctor's prescription is not required.

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