Food allergies in children - symptoms , treatment methods

One type of food intolerance is a food allergy in children, which is based on complex immunological mechanisms.Typically, a food allergy manifests in the first year of life, when he begins to try different foods.It is important to know exactly what this phenomenon becomes a cause of all subsequent allergic diseases kid.In addition, a food allergy can provoke allergic vasculitis, and maintain kidney damage, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems, and so on. D.

Symptoms of food allergies in children

All the symptoms of food allergy in children can be dividedfor local and systemic allergic reactions.Systemic include anaphylactic shock, and the local share, in turn, gastrointestinal, respiratory and skin reactions.

Gastrointestinal symptoms of food allergy in children usually include:

  • Nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • Regurgitation;
  • Constipation or unstable chair;
  • aphthous stomatitis;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Colic;
  • diarrhea;
  • Flatulence.

Gastrointestinal allergic reactions occur in the majority

of cases of childhood food allergy and can often be accompanied by swelling of the lips and tongue.

Among the most common respiratory manifestations of children's food allergies are the following:

  • Allergic rhinitis;
  • Spasmodic cough for a long time;
  • Recurrent pulmonary infiltrates;
  • Recurrent bronchial obstruction.

Cutaneous symptoms of food allergies in children are the most common manifestations of these disorders.The fastest reactions of the organism to a specific product that causes allergy are hives, strofulyus, angioedema, atopic and contact dermatitis.

However, it should be noted that the clinical manifestations of children's food allergies are largely dependent on the body's organs or systems that are affected.Moreover, the products that are used regularly, usually less characteristic provoke allergic reactions, while rarely used as food ingredients cause acute symptoms for which there is a clear connection with food intake.

Komorowski of food allergies in children

Famous Dr. Komarovsky with food allergies in the child strongly recommends primarily to abandon the products that it provoked.Determine their parents will not be difficult, because they know best what they ate the day before the baby allergic reactions.If such a food hit in the stomach, the famous doctor advises to make your child an enema to clean the stomach of the allergen.

At the same Komarovsky food allergy in a child considers a phenomenon that often takes itself after a while.Therefore excluded from the diet, the product can also try to give the child after 2-2.5 years.Only to resume its use must be carefully and in small quantities.However, in late childhood to conduct such experiments is practically useless as immunological tolerance in children at this stage is extremely rare.

For the treatment of food allergies in children Komorowski advises the use of drugs, but only in cases where the diet ineffective and there is an allergic reaction to some food.The doctor also advises medication when it is impossible to abandon the products that contain allergens, or it is impossible to establish the cause of allergies.

Treatment of food allergy in children

Many experts are of the opinion that the best way to treat food allergy in children is the Diet.Hypoallergenic diet for a child is based on the exclusion from the diet of foods containing the allergen as well as food, irritating the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract, comprising a food coloring, preservatives, emulsifiers and the like. D. A diet with food allergies children involves the replacement of such products of natural and specialty food.

Among these products can be distinguished:

  • Treatment and prevention with a mixture of hydrolysates of milk protein, which can be given to the child at birth;
  • hypoallergenic milk porridge;
  • Specialized mixture with soy protein isolate, which can be used for children from six months;
  • Hypoallergenic monocomponent vegetable, fruit and berry puree, recommended to consume for children from six months;
  • Hypoallergenic canned meat (turkey, horse meat and so on. D.) For a child between the ages of 10 months.

Experts say that a diet with food allergies children should not be ruled out in favor of breast milk feeding.This is because it not only contains the nutrients and vitamins required child, but also protective factors, enzymes and hormones.

Treatment of food allergy in children is often also involves the use of drugs.The most common ones are:

  • Probiotics;
  • Preparations kromoglievoy acid;
  • Glucocorticosteroids;
  • Enterosorbents;
  • enzymes.

At the same time it should be noted that many even antihistamines, which are designed to neutralize the histamine in the body of the child, have side effects.Caution is required and hormonal medications from food allergies, as they can also provoke an immune problems, excess weight and increased risk of bacterial complications.Therefore, doctors recommend the use of local hormonal preparations, not providing such a strong impact on the child's body.

To get rid of skin manifestations, for the treatment of food allergies in children are recommended antihistamines.Among them are the drops Fenistil, is one of the few antihistamines that can be applied from the first month of life.These drops for 15-40 minutes, remove the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, easier breathing and relieve itching in skin manifestations of food allergy in children.

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