The adenoids in children - Treatment and Prevention

Abnormal increase in the pharyngeal tonsil, against which there are difficulties in nasal breathing and hearing loss, called adenoids.The most common condition in children 3-7 years of its development contribute to the disease, characterized by inflammation of the nasal mucosa and tonsils, namely:

  • Influenza;
  • Measles;
  • Scarlet fever;
  • Chronic and acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

adenoids diagnosed by computed tomography, endoscopy, posterior and anterior rhinoscopy, digital examination or X-ray of the nasopharynx.

In medicine there are three degrees of adenoids in children, the treatment of each of which must be aimed at both increasing the removal of the pharyngeal tonsil and accompanying withdrawal symptoms and, if necessary, treatment adenoiditis.

There are several methods of treatment of adenoids in children from conservative methods before surgery.

Komorowski about the treatment of adenoids in children

Dr. Komorowski believes that parents should make every effort to prev

ent the development of adenoids in children, treatment, as is known, is always much more complex process than a warning state.

main actions aimed at preventing abnormal increase in the tonsils should be addressed to correct or proper organization of the child's way of life, which will help to strengthen his immune system, namely:

  • Feeding a baby exclusively for the needs of his body;
  • Hardening;
  • Sports;
  • Limiting the baby contact with household chemicals and dust;
  • Optimization of physical properties of air that a child breathes.

Treatment of adenoids in children, by Komarovsky, have to include these measures lifestyle baby correction.The doctor said that if the tonsils to prevent increasing development can not, then you need to treat adenoids as early as possible, since the interference effects are unpredictable and very dangerous.

Therapies adenoids in children are divided into conservative, they are quite a lot, and quick.By conservative methods of treatment include:

  • Appointment of immunostimulants and vitamins;
  • Rinsing the nose with special solutions;Burying
  • nasal medicaments with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

In most cases, particularly where small size adenoids, adenoids these treatments in children are very effective, and the operation is avoided.However, for various reasons, there are cases when conservative methods fail, and have to resort to surgery.Indications for adenotomy - operation in the adenoids are not the size of enlarged tonsils, and specific symptoms, or rather an obstacle baby breathing.Held adenotomy under general or local anesthesia, the duration varies from a few minutes, during which a special annular doctor blade removes the adenoids.

Surgical treatment of adenoids in children, according to reviews, is not always safe, in some cases there are complications associated with anesthesia and damage to the sky.Komorowski said that the operation is necessary to prepare and pre undergo a thorough examination, and if the child has recently suffered some sort of infectious disease, and did you wait for a while.

recovery period after surgical treatment of adenoids in children, according to reviews, the last few days, it is advisable not to give the child a solid and hot food during this period.

Regardless of the skill of the surgeon through surgery to completely remove the pharyngeal tonsil is not possible, so that even after adenotomy there is a risk of recurrence of the adenoids.In such cases, the doctor is not guilty, most likely, the parents failed to organize the life of the child.

adenoids Treatment of laser children

newest method of non-surgical treatment of adenoids in children is laser removal, carried by light waves that have coherent, polarized and monochrome properties.

Under the influence of laser irradiation of the lymph and blood on the walls of the cells and blood vessels begin to flow faster, thus disappearing inflammatory edema, including reduced volume of adenoids.

important condition for the effectiveness of treatment in laser adenoids of children is a direct effect of irradiation on the tonsils through the nose and nasopharynx, rather than on the bridge and the "point", as is done in many clinics.Immediately prior to the procedure with adenoids surfaces should be cleaned of pus and mucus, that is, it is necessary that exposure preceded by nasal lavage.

This non-operative method of removing the adenoids in children have a lot of enemies, but the specific facts of radiation damage to the body no one gives, and she is quite successful laser therapy is used in medicine for over 20 years.However, such a method has two contra - cancer and acute purulent inflammation.

adenoids is called an abnormal increase in the pharyngeal tonsil, against which, in the absence of adequate therapy, may experience difficulty in nasal breathing and hearing loss.There are many ways to treat adenoids in children - this surgery, and conservative methods.Which method of recourse, parents decide, after consultation with an otolaryngologist.

In any case, even when a small size of enlarged tonsils, they must be treated.This is due to the fact that sometimes the smallest, first degree, adenoids increase leads to a partial loss of hearing.It is important to know that the appearance of the adenoids can be prevented if timely adjustments or initially correctly organize life of the child, teach him to play sports and to temper since childhood.

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