Principles of treatment of herpes in children

herpes treatment in children should take place under medical supervision.The fact that the therapy resorting to predominantly in severe cases, when a child's immune system is unable to cope with the virus.If immunity is all right, it is better to do without medicines.Therapy is usually based on the diagnostic results, and is comprehensive.The main role in the treatment of herpes on the child's body is given antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs, as well as interferon inducers, and topical preparations.

Treatment of herpes on the lips of the child

Typically, herpes on the lips of the child does not require treatment.This is the first type of virus carriers which are 95% of people.It usually enters the body in the early childhood and remains in the nervous system cells for life.The periodic recurrence in the form of bubbles usually occur on the lips as a result of stress or weakened immunity, although all people herpes is triggered by different reasons.

question about why exacerbation occur, not all in

fected people in medicine is still open.If one of the parents at least once a year, the virus is activated, and the other - no, it is likely that the antibodies will be passed the child inherited.Thus, the herpes simplex virus that can spread both by domestic as well as on hundreds of meters of air, does not cause any symptoms in the child.

But even in this case, so as not to require children herpes treatment, Komarovsky advises adhere to certain security measures.In particular, parents or other people, both adults and children with acute herpes should not be close contact with healthy children.This is associated with a term such as viral load, which is determined by the number of virus particles in the infected organism and affect the severity of the viral infection.

This means the following: for example, a child in kindergarten touched vesicles on the lips and not washing their hands, took some toy.When this same toy will get to a healthy baby, he can not "catch" herpes because its immune system to cope with a low viral load.But if his kiss with a mom or dad, "fever", the number of particles transmitted repeatedly increase and infection takes place, in spite of the presence of antibodies.

herpes treatment in children is effective only with the appearance of the very first symptoms:

  • burning;
  • tingling;
  • Mild pain.

If the child began to complain of such sensations, it is necessary to immediately use a special ointment to stop the disease at the outset.If this does not work, it will soon be inflammation and swelling with a lot of fluid-filled blisters.From now until the complete disappearance of the symptoms of herpes every 3-4 hours will have to apply ointment containing aciclovir - the only safe for children antiherpetic funds.

Over time, the bubbles begin to burst.This is the most infectious to those around period, so cream is best applied with a cotton swab, not your hands.Subsequently formed ulcers tightened and covered with a crust that can not be ripped off as there is a risk of infection joining.

expediency herpes treatment in children and dosage of medication should be discussed with your doctor.

treatment of herpes zoster in

children with herpes zoster treatment of children must begin within 3 days from the first appearance of the rash and continue for 2 more days after her disappearance.Timely administration of drugs containing acyclovir reduces the duration of illness and contributes to the rapid formation of scabs.The sooner parents will be engaged in the treatment of herpes on the child's body, the less severe are the symptoms.In addition, significantly reduced the likelihood of complications.

If the disease is not difficult, then take acyclovir orally 5 times a day 800 mg.When complicated forms within 12 hours ribamrin administered at 15 mg / kg.

therapy can also consist in a single use of immunoglobulin in an amount of 0.2 ml / kg.In rare cases, the dosage is increased by 2-4 times.Along with the antiviral agents of general validity prescribed ointment acyclovir or interferon.

must be remembered that the application of the duty of the same drugs the virus develops resistance to the active substance.For this reason, the doctor should appoint another drug, not later than 10 days.

Pain is reduced by a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tranquilizers, novocaine blockade.Perhaps the appointment of electrophoresis or UV radiation affected areas.

about herpes treatment principles in children Komorowski responds as follows: first of all, parents is important to monitor the child's immunity;in severe disease should contact the pediatrician who will decide the appropriateness of drug therapy.In most cases, if the child is generally healthy, no unpleasant consequences should arise.

In the formation of scabs itching, so you need to make sure that the child is not combed rash, risking to bring an infection.To reduce the itching you can use antihistamine, but their application should also consult a doctor.

Vaccines for all types of herpes exists.Today only effective vaccine against chicken pox, which is one of the varieties of herpes.It should be done to prevent complications, such as varicella encephalitis.Even if the child has already had chickenpox vaccine will prevent its recurrence in the form of shingles.

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