Chickenpox in adolescents - symptoms, treatment , complications

Typically, chickenpox, or varicella, as it is called in medicine, people get sick as a child.In this case, the disease occurs without any complications and is much faster, and with age it becomes harder and symptoms may lead to serious consequences.Therefore chickenpox in adolescents has specific symptoms, which bring great inconvenience to patients, and is often the cause of various complications.

Symptoms of chickenpox in adolescents

main difference teenage chickenpox from the disease at a younger age, as noted, is a more severe form of the disease.Varicella zoster virus is transmitted by airborne droplets mostly in crowded places (schools, cinemas, swimming pools and so on. D.), And this leads to the fact that children's disease often goes massively.

Severe chickenpox in adolescents is caused, first of all active processes of physical and hormonal changes in the body during this period.It also improves the sensitivity and vulnerability of the body, resulting in susceptibility to viruses and lower

s resistance to infection.Against the backdrop of a weakened immune system, these factors only exacerbate the grave condition of the patient.

Symptoms of chickenpox in adolescents are very similar to symptoms of ARD:

  • increase in temperature;
  • Chills;
  • Rhinitis;
  • attacks of headaches.

These manifestations of the disease occur in about a day before the rash on the skin, which is the main symptom of chickenpox in adolescents.It is important to note that the disease becomes contagious much earlier.Skin rashes in patients may be accompanied by severe itching, which causes a constant desire to scratch the blisters.They quickly spread throughout the body, but to touch, squeeze or scratch the rash is by no means impossible, as there is a high risk of infection in the wound.

This symptom of chickenpox in adolescents usually affects all the skin is already 5-7 day illness, and within 10 days it is possible to re-eruption.Then the blisters dry up and covered with a crust of 10-14 days after the onset of illness.These crusts left on the skin a couple of weeks, and then gradually disappear, leaving a small pinkish spots.Some time later, such spots are reduced in size and disappear, usually in themselves.

It should be noted that the peak of the formation of skin rash characteristic of chickenpox raising the temperature to 38-40 degrees, and this often causes severe intoxication of the patient.In addition, localized rash and mucous membranes (nose, in the language, in the sky, in the bladder, urethra, and so on. D.).

Among additional chickenpox symptoms in adolescents are the following:

  • Muscle pain and jerking of muscles;
  • general weakness and lethargy of the body;
  • Sleep Disorders;
  • Increased lymph nodes;
  • Photophobia.

Complications from chickenpox in adolescents

As noted above, the complications of chickenpox in adolescents are much more common than in younger children, picked up this virus.This is due to the specific characteristics of the body at this stage.Therefore, hormonal changes typical of the period, can easily provoke such purulent complications of chicken pox rash as:

  • fascia;
  • Pyoderma;
  • Phlegmon;
  • abscess.

Another complication of chickenpox in adolescents can be called scarring and pigmentation at the site of blisters.These effects occur because of scratching the rash, when the scratches get bacterial infections.It can also trigger skin lesions such as gangrenous and hemorrhagic phenomena.

should also like to say about the complications of chickenpox after adolescents, occurring in severe form.They are characterized by the formation of large blisters filled with fluid at the site which are ulcers that are difficult to heal.Gangrenous form of chickenpox occurs in adolescents with poor body.Its symptoms can be called blisters, quickly growing in size, with bloody fluid inside.Peel them after drying is black with inflamed tissue around the edges.

haemorrhagic form of chickenpox seen in disorders of blood coagulation.Blisters in this disease also contain bloody fluid.Complications of this form may make skin hemorrhages, bleeding from the nose, and so on. D.

chickenpox Treatment of adolescents

chickenpox treatment in adolescents does not differ from the treatment of this disease in children.In the first place, in order to avoid all sorts of complications, it is necessary in every way to refrain from scratching the rash.For this purpose, the blisters or smeared with green paint fukortsinom that reduce the feeling of itching and help them dry.In addition, in order not to bring an infection in the wound, rash education places are treated with antiseptic.

the treatment of chickenpox in adolescents often use allergy medications such as fenistil and suprastin and immunoukreplyayuschie (eg, candles viferon).Often varicella requires the use of fever-reducing drugs, which are recommended at temperatures above 38 ° C.Doctors are advised to refrain from the use of aspirin and use medicines containing paracetamol.It is safe for a teenager's health and has good anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect.

Effective treatment of chickenpox in adolescents also requires the constant use of liquid milk and plant products.It is important to know that chickenpox rash can not be wet, so swimming in the period of the disease is strongly discouraged, except for baths with potassium permanganate, which help reduce itching.In the opposite case, the rash will heal very slow.It uses only intimate hygiene.To relieve itching, doctors often recommend the use of diazolin.

chickenpox in adolescents is necessary to observe strict bed rest and complete isolation, because the disease is highly contagious and requires quarantine.

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