Dropsy testes in infants - etiology, symptoms, treatment

hydrocele or hydrocele testes in infants, outwardly manifested as swelling in the groin or scrotum increasing.This occurs due to accumulation of serous fluid in the egg shells.

are two types of hydrops:

  • isolated - the liquid is in a cavity and does not flow into the other;
  • reported - the fluid has the ability to flow into the abdominal cavity through the vaginal process of peritoneum.

hydrocele in infants is often formed simultaneously with inguinal hernia, this makes it a very dangerous disease.Additional sheath around the testes prevents their proper heat transfer, causing overheating.In turn, an increase in temperature leads to disruption of the hormonal functions and abnormal testicular spermatogenesis.The testicles are extremely sensitive to any fluctuations in the temperature of the medium, so such changes in the functioning of the future lead to infertility.

reasons dropsy testicles in

newborns reported hydrocephalus in infants is testicular pathology, in which not overgrown processus v

aginalis of the peritoneum, which is between the cavities - the abdominal and environmental testicles, enables liquid fall into the scrotum and back.

When the baby is still in the womb, fetal testes descend through the inguinal canal into the scrotum together with the processus vaginalis, forming a shell close to them.Normally, the process of birth in a few months grows, and the connection between the shell and testicular cavity disappears.The reason why the formed communicating hydrocephalus - non-union vaginal process serving as a channel for fluid flow in the peritoneal cavity of the testes.

There is a theory that when the open processus vaginalis contains smooth muscle fiber type, which are normally absent in the peritoneum, they do not give the opportunity to grow together properly Scion.Most cases of hydrocele formation is observed in children born before term or as a result of pregnancy, takes place under the threat of miscarriage.

There is another factor that causes communicating hydrocele testes in infants - increased intrauterine pressure that can feel the fetus in case of hyperactivity, excessive irritability or performing CPR at birth.

isolated hydrocephalus

This type of hydrocephalus in infants are much more likely to report and disappears without intervention usually not earlier than six and not later than twelve months.This pathology is directly related to injuries during childbirth, hormonal specificity and incorrect conclusions lymph from the scrotum in children under one year.

When hydrocele isolated form often increases with the accumulation of fluid increases its pressure on the testicle skin, and edema becomes tense.In this case, the child makes a puncture and pumped liquid.No other surgical treatment is usually not indicated.

Treatment hydrocele testes in

newborns to select the correct treatment of hydrocephalus in infants testicles should show the boy the urologist, who, if necessary, appoint a number of diagnostic procedures:

  • transillumination (transillumination) - raying scrotum kid light source;
  • ultrasonography - examination of scrotum structures using ultrasound;
  • Laboratory tests (blood and urine tests) - to confirm the absence of side pathologies of the genitourinary system.

When diagnosed - hydrocele, the doctor recommends treatment depending on the condition of the baby and his or her age.

Conservative practice involves regular monitoring of the child's urologist before the age of two.After that, you should watch it continuously for 2-3 months to identify the nature of the dynamics of the disease.If the forecast is unfavorable, it will be assigned to surgery.

According to Dr. Komarovsky of testicular edema in newborns, this pathology is common in most of the boys.And 99% spontaneously disappear, to a maximum of 2 years of life.He believes that to sound the alarm about this problem is only when it delivers a lot of trouble child, in other cases you just need to wait.

Today hydrocele to remove the following operations:

  • Ross - practiced at communicating form.Excised and ligated internal inguinal ring;
  • Bergman - is done in the case of isolated hydrocephalus.Dissected the inner shell testicles as close to the ground, its remnants are closed with stitches, then they - compressive bandage for the entire period of rehabilitation, drainage is established, if necessary;
  • Winckelmann - a kind of method of Bergman, is now hardly used;
  • Lord - the least traumatic as tunica vaginalis is not excised, and crimped directly into the body.

Appointed surgery in dropsy of the testicles in newborn and under the age of 2 years only if:

  • Concomitant inguinal hernia;
  • There were no significant changes over time in the size of the scrotum (increase-decrease);
  • the Background infectious inflammation;
  • Pain and discomfort in the groin area.

risk of complications and relapses as a result of the operations is not more than 8%.

But if you stick to the rules of the postoperative period - regularly and carefully handle the sexual organ baby, keep him from physical overexertion, observe the rules of hygiene, the negative consequences can be avoided.

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