How to use the vapor tube baby

unpleasant, but quite common in the first months of baby's life are constipation, colic and GAZ cars, which lead to anxiety, weeping and cries of a baby.To facilitate the child's condition, you can use several methods, including vapor and tube baby.

venting tube: description and appearance

device is a simple rubber tube, which has inputs and outputs on both sides.Sometimes the side, closer to the end, which is inserted into the anus, there is one more hole.

order not to injure the child and facilitate his condition, use a soft tube to the vapor Windy newborns.It is made of non-toxic materials and has special rounded tip.Use the device can easily even those parents who do not have any training or medical training.The special design and the length does not allow you to enter the vapor tube for Windy infants too deep or wrong.

Depending on the diameter is determined by the size of the rectal catheter.Usually it indicates the corresponding number on the label.Tube designed for babies numbered 15-16, in

which the smallest diameter, but since they have no additional holes, often recommend the use venting device №17-18, which are slightly larger.

If a child is suffering from increased gas, parents should purchase a rectal tube, which is sold in the pharmacy at a very affordable price.

How to put the vapor tube

newborn for the first time, before setting the vapor tube to the newborn, it is necessary to boil.When reusing sufficiently thorough washing with hot water and soap, preferably children.However, if a rectal catheter is used less frequently, such as every three days or less, it is desirable to be sterilized prior to each treatment.

The instructions to the vapor tube baby procedure describes how to:

  • Cover the work surface of the diaper, putting it under the pre oilcloth;
  • Lubricate the rounded end of the sterile venting tube (cooled) baby cream or petroleum jelly;
  • grudnichka Lay on your back and squeeze the legs to the tummy.It is best to perform this procedure alone;
  • Carefully insert the end of the tube into the anus, lubricated with petroleum jelly as, 3-5 cm;
  • Slightly scroll inserted tube;
  • your baby for 5 minutes, holding the rectal catheter in the anus.This time is usually enough to stool and GAZ cars out.Check the result can be as follows: place the free end of the tube into a small container of water, and then observe.Appeared bubbles indicate that the GAZ cars really move away;
  • After all the manipulations of the baby should be undercut.

venting tube for newborns: reviews and efficiency

In the opinion, the vapor tube baby, in most cases solves the problem of increased gas production in infants.However, along with this there is a perception that the rectal catheter is useless, and even dangerous, as it is addictive.Some parents say that after its application the child can not defecate on their own and get rid of GAZ cars.

Position pediatricians unambiguous in this regard.They recommend to resort to the use of the tube only when all other measures have been taken: a breastfeeding mother eats properly and regularly performed massage the abdomen, as well as systematic use of drugs against colic.

Possible complications

Possible complications when using the vapor tube are:

  • bowel perforation, which is fraught with peritonitis and bleeding;
  • wound mucosa, followed by dangerous blood loss.

If your child has any disease or rectum mother suspects bleeding, apply the device is strictly forbidden.Also, you can not leave the baby during the procedure without supervision.

You should always follow the instructions of the vapor tube baby, and if it is not, then for the first time, you can seek the assistance of medical professionals who will monitor the process and will help to deliver a rectal catheter correctly.

important to understand that the vapor tube only helps alleviate the condition the baby, but does not cure.Completely get rid of the increased gas production in the intestine grudnichka can only eliminate the cause that causes it.In addition, this problem is very common in infants and in time, when the work of the digestive organs is completely adjusted, it disappears even without treatment.

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