Paracetamol for children Candles - antipyretic

Paracetamol is a drug with antipyretic and analgesic effect.Refers to a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and is known under various trade names. Efferalgan, Tsefekon D, Paracetamol, Panadol, etc.

Candles Paracetamol for children are available in foil or plastic wrap.In one suppositories depending on dosage may contain from 0.125 to 1 g of active substance.


Since Paracetamol has a pronounced analgesic and antipyretic effect, it is applied in the following cases:

  • SARS, pneumonia and bronchitis, causing increase in body temperature up to 38 ° C or higher;
  • Neurogenic and headaches (neuralgia, migraine and sciatica);
  • Toothache;
  • pain in burns and injuries;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the throat, ear and nose, which are accompanied by mild to moderate pain.

pharmacological action of Paracetamol suppositories for children

action of paracetamol is based on its ability to block the work of cyclooxygenase.This enzyme is responsible for the formation of biologically ac

tive substances - prostaglandins from arachidonic acid, and they just cause local and general inflammatory response.Paracetamol, blocking the activity of cyclooxygenase, thereby providing a central antifebrile and analgesic action.

The instructions Paracetamol suppositories for children contains the following arrival rate of the active substance in the blood and its distribution throughout the body: the maximum concentration provided in 30-40 minutes.after administration.

The drug takes about 4 hours, after which the blood levels of the active ingredient decreases by half, so it is processed as part of the liver.As a result of the collapse of the release toxic products that are in excess of concentration can lead to serious injury of liver cells (drug-induced hepatitis).

Dosing and Administration

According to the instructions Paracetamol suppositories for children rectal use, the dose depends on the age of the child:

  • 1 suppository of 0.08 g per day - kids 3-12 months;
  • 1 suppository of 0.17 g - children 1-6 years;
  • 1 suppository of 0.33 g - in the 7-12 years;
  • 1-2 suppository of 0.33 g - over the age of 12 years (the interval between injections at least 4 hours).

The duration of the drug depends on the nature of the disease, the severity of its course and impact.

Contraindications and side effects Paracetamol suppositories for children

Contraindications to receive paracetamol largely determined by the shape of its release.Any kind of drug, including candles, can not be used for the following diseases:

  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Diseases of the blood, kidneys and liver;
  • hemorrhagic syndrome;
  • stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Reduced blood clotting.

contraindicated Paracetamol suppositories for children, in the opinion of experts, in the case of hypersensitivity to the drug when the patient's history of allergic reactions are present in the form of urticaria, and angioedema diathesis.

Possible side effects while using this drug - a liver disease, increased bleeding, blood oppression and the development of allergic reactions.

If overdose is disturbed digestion (nausea, vomiting, frequent stools), increased sweating.Later, there are such signs, like shortness of breath, weakness, altered mental status and malfunction of the heart and respiratory system.

When the first overdose symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

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