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Chronic epididymitis - symptoms, treatment , causes

epididymitis epididymitis is called inflammation of the epididymis, which can be an independent disease, and may accompany other inflammatory diseases of the male reproductive system.Epididymitis occurs at any age, including children.There are acute epididymitis, chronic epididymitis and aggravated.By the nature of the inflammation process can be serous, purulent, and infiltrative.

Causes of epididymitis

Epididymitis may result from ascending infection, penetrating into the body from the external genitalia, descending infections when the pathogen penetrates the egg appendage from the bowel, bladder or prostate.In some cases, epididymitis is common complication of an infectious disease organism (influenza, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, etc.) Or perineal trauma, including surgery.One type of traumatic epididymitis is an inflammation of the epididymis after ligation of the vas deferens, the sperm caused by violation of the evacuation, and the consequent stagnation.

Activators of epididymitis in adul

ts often are urogenital infections, they are the same infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs or IGO): gonococci, chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, trichomonas.In case of contact with infection by descending it usually E. coli, Proteus, staphylococci or streptococci.

Factors contributing to the development of epididymitis are:

  • Hypothermia;
  • presence of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • presence in the body of foci of chronic infection;
  • Acute and chronic injuries of the perineum;
  • sedentary, especially a sedentary lifestyle;
  • irregular and disorderly sexual life;
  • Failure to observe personal hygiene.

Symptoms of epididymitis epididymitis

Symptoms depend on whether an acute or chronic inflammation occurs.As a rule, the original disease occurs acutely, and chronic epididymitis is the result of untreated or undertreated acute epididymitis.

Symptoms of acute epididymitis shape: a sharp pain in the perineum, worse when moving, not initially localized, then focusing in on one side of the testicle.Scrotum by the inflammation and swelling increased, there is redness, skin smoothed image.Acute epididymitis is accompanied by a rise in temperature to 38-39 ° C, fever, general deterioration, headaches and muscle and joint pains.There is a positive symptom of the debate: the reduction of pain when lifting the scrotum.This distinguishes acute epididymitis from testicular twist in which the debate is negative symptom.

Symptoms of epididymitis in the chronic form is usually less pronounced, and sometimes nonexistent, appearing only during exacerbations.Chronic epididymitis proves painful testicle when walking and increased seal and epididymis, which is felt by palpation as education, tightly knit with egg and slightly painful.

diagnosis of epididymitis

diagnosis of acute epididymitis is not difficult, and is placed on the basis of history and examination of the external genitalia.In chronic epididymitis epididymitis and escalating spend ultrasound of the scrotum.For the diagnosis of epididymitis crucial pathogen definition, cause inflammation.To this end, spend bakposev and laboratory research contents of the urethra and urine bakposev.For suspected epididymitis caused by sexually transmitted infections, carried out all the necessary tests to determine the causative agent of urogenital infections.

Treatment of epididymitis epididymitis

Treatment depends on the form of the disease, but it is similar to the scheme, and in fact, and in another case: antibiotic therapy to eliminate the pathogen, anti-inflammatory therapy, prevention and elimination of inflammatory complications.

treatment of acute epididymitis: prescribe a course of antibiotic therapy with broad-spectrum antibiotics, sulfa drugs (Bactrim) is used in children.nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and pain medications are also appointed, cold on the crotch area, bed rest with the scrotum elevated position, when moving wearing a jockstrap (supporting bandage or tight swimming trunks).It recommends a diet that excludes the consumption of spicy, greasy, fried, smoked, salty food.When calming acute symptoms of epididymitis commence physiotherapy: warm baths herbal hot compress to the affected area, microwave, laser, magnetic therapy and other procedures aimed at removing the inflammation and the prevention of adhesions..

chronic epididymitis treatment consists in the appointment of antibacterial therapy, taking into account the identified pathogen, the use of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the active use of physiotherapy resources, resolving agents, as well as strengthening therapy (vitamin therapy, immunotherapy).In establishing the STI as a causative agent of chronic epididymitis, it is imperative the treatment of sexual partner of the patient, as otherwise relapse is inevitable.For the period of active treatment measures need to abstinence.Treatment of chronic epididymitis requires perseverance and patience, but it certainly should be brought to a complete cure.

In case of failure of conservative treatment of epididymitis and development of abscess forms, or persistent chronic epididymitis, flowing with constant exacerbations, resorted to epididymectomy - surgery to remove the epididymis.

Complications epididymitis

complications of acute epididymitis are: abscess of the epididymis, the transition of the disease into a chronic form, which is a poor outcome, because treatment of chronic epididymitis is more complicated and time-consuming.Abscess of epididymis - the development of purulent inflammation, which resulted in the appendix may be subjected to melt completely.This serious complication, since the process may spread to adjacent organs.When abscess appendage requires hospitalization and emergency surgical care.An abscess is opened, the pus is removed, the wound is washed with antiseptic and drain.Surgical treatment is complemented by the appointment of a course of antibiotic therapy.

complications of chronic epididymitis is obliteration (violation of patency due to adhesions) of the epididymis.Chronic epididymitis in most cases it is bilateral, and development of bilateral obstruction of the epididymis leads to obstructive infertility.In this case, it may require surgical repair vas patency.

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