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Gastric ulcer - Treatment , Symptoms, Causes


stomach ulcer called a deep defect in the gastric mucosa, resulting from the inflammatory process caused by damaging factors.The disease, in which the ulcer is formed in the stomach is called gastric ulcer.This frequent disease, which affects about 10% of the population, and the men several times more often than women.

Causes of peptic ulcer

The formation of stomach ulcers involves several factors, the main of which is infection with Helicobacter pylory.For a long time it was thought that the highly acidic environment of gastric bacteria do not survive until the end of the twentieth century it has not been conclusively proven that the microbe Helicobacter pylory not just survive there, and is the main link in the mechanism of inflammatory diseases of the stomach and duodenum.

Other factors contributing to the development of gastric ulcer are:

  • frequent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, naklofen, ibuprofen, indomethacin, Nemes and others.)
  • hereditary predisposition
  • Gross error in the diet;
  • psychogenic factors (stress);
  • Alcoholism;
  • Permanent burn the mucous membrane of the stomach hot food.

Symptoms of stomach ulcers

main symptom of stomach ulcer - severe pain in the upper abdominal (epigastric) region.Gastric ulcer characterized by hunger pains that occur within a few hours after eating, and often at night.The pain subsides after a meal or antacids (reduce acidity) drugs.

The remaining symptoms of stomach ulcers are dyspeptic phenomena, indicating a disorder of the digestive process: heartburn, belching, nausea, sometimes vomiting acidic gastric contents that occurs during severe pain and brings some relief, and therefore sometimes patients with gastric ulcer themselves induce vomitingduring a pain attack.A person suffering from gastric ulcer disease, losing weight, his skin looks pale, appetite and vitality decrease.

Sometimes in gastric contents, and sometimes blood appears in the stool.This occurs when the ulcer in the process involves the vessel.Blood clots can be red, but can be dark, almost black, sometimes misleading.Isolation of blood with vomit or feces can be not only a symptom of stomach ulcers, but also a sign of a malignant tumor, and therefore requires urgent treatment to the doctor.

Diagnosis of gastric ulcers

Currently, diagnosis of gastric ulcers is based on endoscopy.The method is called fibrogastroscopy (FGS), during it through the esophagus into the stomach introduces a thin flexible instrument, equipped with a light source and a camera broadcasting the image on the monitor.This allows you to see the ulcerative gastric mucosa defect, determine its location and size.Previously widely used method of X-ray contrast is still in use, but has only secondary importance.

conducted laboratory studies of gastric and intestinal contents for the presence of H. pylori and occult blood test, to assess the overall condition of the body appointed by common blood and urine tests.

Treatment of gastric ulcer

Dozens, if not hundreds of years, peptic ulcer disease is considered incurable, which help you, and even then not always only surgery could effectively.After the discovery of the underlying cause of the disease, namely, infection with Helicobacter pylori, the treatment of gastric ulcer was carried out therapeutic agents, particularly antibiotics.Currently the gold standard for the treatment of gastric ulcers is trehkomponetntaya therapy, comprising: a drug which is an inhibitor of the proton pump (omeprazole, and the like), bismuth preparation, simultaneous two antimicrobials.

parallel appointed antacids - tools that reduce gastric acidity.Such treatment can cure in most cases ulcer within two weeks.

One of the most important moments of the treatment of gastric ulcers is dieting and diet.It also serves as the main preventive measure aimed at relapse prevention.Diet for a stomach ulcer should be balanced, containing a sufficient amount of nutrients, to the exclusion of foods that irritate the stomach lining (alcohol, coffee, strong tea, hot spices, smoking, salting, etc.).The food is served in a thermally processed (braising, boiling, baking or steaming, roasting in oil is excluded) and a frayed.Meals should be fractional - small meals 4-5 times a day at specific times.Diet for a stomach ulcer should become a way of life if not for life, then for several years even after remission, at least in this period is permissible for some of its mitigation, otherwise possible recurrence of gastric ulcer, as is a predisposition to it and the ability toH. pylori reinfection.

Surgical treatment of stomach ulcers is used for persistent, not giving therapy, ulcers, as well as at high risk of complications (perforation of the stomach wall, bleeding).In this case, the stomach is excised portion including ulcerative defect, concurrently assigned to drug treatment of gastric ulcers, to prevent recurrence of the disease.

for rehabilitation treatment of gastric ulcer is carried out with the help of physiotherapy and balneological methods.Spend restorative procedures, it is recommended to change lifestyle to a healthier and avoiding harmful habits (smoking, alcohol intake, consumption of fast food and other junk food).

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