21 September

Thoroughwax - medicinal properties, applications , traditional recipes

thoroughwax - perennial herb of the family umbrella.The medicinal importance are three types thoroughwax - golden, kozeletselistnaya, mnogozhilchataya.on the types of data based preparations have choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antipyretic, analgesic, wound healing, kapillyaroukreplyayuschee and antitumor activity.

chemical composition

healing properties of the plant due to its chemical composition.

well established that thoroughwax (depending on type) contains:

  • Golden - flavonoids (izoramnetin, quercetin, rutin, izokvertsitrin, rutinoside), saponins, tannins, carotene, vitamin C;
  • Mnogozhilchataya - flavonoids (quercetin, izoramnetin, izokvertsitrin, rutin);
  • Kozeletselistnaya - saponins, alkaloids, phytosterols, tannins, carotene, vitamin C, coumarin, essential oil, flavonoids (izoramnetin, quercetin, rutin, nartsissin, kaempferol), phenol carbonic acids (ferulic, chlorogenic).

Useful properties

medicinal value are the leaves, stems and flowers of plants.Their beneficia

l properties used in folk and official medicine.

resulting from thoroughwax mnogozhilchatoy Buplerin drug used in pharmacotherapy kapillyaroukreplyayuschee as a tool in the treatment of cardiovascular and infectious diseases.Also effect of the drug to strengthen blood vessels and reduce the permeability of capillaries is used during eye surgery.

In folk medicine, decoctions and infusions are used as hepatoprotective, detoxification and choleretic agent in the treatment of liver and gallbladder.Under their influence, there is an increase in secreted bile, changing its chemical composition, cleansing the body of cholesterol.

Preparations from plants affect the strengthening of the secretory activity of the pancreas.

Curative effect thoroughwax used for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the urogenital system, impotence.

Due plant antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, is used in fever, the treatment of tuberculosis, influenza and colds.

Broth take when severe headache, dizziness, kidney disease, nervous system, as well as a stimulant and a laxative.

For treatment of purulent wounds and boils topically applied steamed dry or fresh grass for lotions, teas - for washing, and the powder of the plant - for powders.


disease / condition in which drugs are used thoroughwax: cirrhosis of the liver;hepatitis (viral or toxic), cholecystitis, cholangitis, biliary dyskinesia, flu, fever, pneumonia, tuberculosis, hypertension, cystitis, nephritis, headache, neurosis, impotence, epilepsy, radiation sickness, rheumatism, constipation, sores, abrasions.

As a preventive measure is useful to drink teas and herbal teas, they have a restorative and tonic effect.

  • Contraindications Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • Gastritis;
  • Gallstones (cholelithiasis);
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Early childhood;
  • Idiosyncrasy chemicals that make up the plant.

Before you start the application you must consult your doctor.

Pets medications from thoroughwax

thoroughwax kozeletselistnoy decoction: 5-10 grams of grass pour 200 ml boiling water, leave for 15 minutes to sustain on a steam bath.Remove from heat, insist 45 minutes and strain.In diseases of the gallbladder and liver to drink 100 ml for 30 minutes before meals 3-4 times a day.As an external tool is used to wash the inflamed wounds.

Tincture: 25 g of chopped herbs pour 100 grams of vodka, shaking occasionally insist 30 days in a cool dark place, filter.For the treatment of liver diseases take 25-30 drops 3 times a day.

Infusion: 3 tablespoons herb pour 200 ml of boiling water, in a thermos 4 hours and strain.In the treatment of hepatitis and cholecystitis take the form of heat in 60 ml directly before meals 3 times daily for 3-4 weeks.

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