Sodium gluconate - description , use, harmful

sodium gluconate

sodium gluconate (Sodium gluconate, E576) - a food additive, acidity regulator, complexing, intended to enhance the taste sensations.This effect is carried out by increasing the sensitivity of the receptor language.

is a regulator of acidity and antioxidants synergist.

sodium gluconate (not to be confused with sodium glutamate) is presented in the form of a white crystalline powder, soluble in alkalis, acids, cold water and soluble in alcohols.

natural sources of sodium gluconate is gluconic acid, which is the first product of the oxidation of glucose.As the complexing agent, sodium gluconate, has the ability to bind the excess of iron, calcium and heavy metal ions, thereby successfully used in the food industry.

Application sodium gluconate

In addition to applications in the food industry Sodium gluconate is used as a component:

  • industrial detergents.Through a combination of dispersants, complexing and anti-corrosion properties, good solubility and stability in the strongly
    alkaline medium is an excellent material for the creation of a complexing agent alkali plants.Cleaning with the addition of sodium gluconate is used in the glass and the dairy sector;
  • descaling agent in beer industry.Washing solution container equipment and with sulfamic acid and calcium sodium gluconate prevents accumulation eliminates traces of organic and mineral deposits on the surfaces;
  • Additives in cement for the oil industry, as well as for the treatment of a production well of the solution.

addition, sodium gluconate is widely used in industry as a chelating agent, binding the metal ions, which allows precipitation easily removed during filtration.In the field of steel pickling sodium gluconate improves metal, preventing the appearance of salt deposits on its surface.

harm sodium gluconate

Food additive E576 (sodium gluconate), according to SanPiN, included in the "additives, no adverse effects on human health when used for the manufacture of food products".In accordance with the Decree of the Russian Federation of 14.11.2001, the number 36 of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of harmful sodium gluconate is not defined.

However, large amounts of sodium gluconate can cause so-called "Chinese restaurant syndrome" - a set of bodily sensations, expressed redness of the face, palpitations, sweating, headache, and feeling in the mouth of gravity.The recommended rate of E576 - not more than 20 grams per day.

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