Collagen mask for the face and eyes - reviews, descriptions

collagen mask

collagen mask is a cosmetic procedure that aims to improve the condition of the skin, toning and rejuvenation.

Origins cosmetic procedure

protein Collagen is a protein in the human body, which is due to age-related changes is reduced.Lack of collagen a negative impact on the skin, reducing its elasticity, freshness and elasticity.As a result, aging to form wrinkles.

Cosmetic mask with collagen helps to improve the condition of the upper layer of the skin.

first collagen was obtained from fish skin in the late 20th century, scientists from the University of Gdansk in Poland.But only at the beginning of this century began to apply the technology of artificial collagen for cosmetic procedures and drugs.

Polish scientist L. Kalensky in 2000 improved the properties of artificial collagen, which can be transported, stored and used at different temperatures.

Currently collagen masks are stored at temperatures up to 26 degrees and are widely used in cosmetic purposes.

Positive feedback received collagen mask as wetting and pull-up means high efficiency and fast action.

Features and benefits of the collagen mask

Collagen facials allow the skin to retain moisture, to exercise the power and pulling up and eliminate wrinkles of different types.After overlaying the mask thin film formed on the skin, which consists of the peptide of enzymes that penetrate the top layer of the epidermis.Peptides and amino acids are broken down, nourishing and strengthening the skin.

Some collagen mask, based on oriental medicine may contain collagen with placenta.Different types of masks are adapted to the specific areas of the face - forehead, nose, lips, Zone T, lids, etc.The placenta is a part of the mask is an immunostimulant that triggers regenerative processes at the cellular level.

collagen Regular use of masks for the face helps to improve blood circulation, normalize the metabolism, increase skin elasticity.Under the influence of the mask components toxins, smooths wrinkles, improves the regenerative processes in the cells.

collagen eye masks can improve the general state of the thin and sensitive eyelid skin, remove puffiness and dark circles.

Good reviews have collagen mask as a healing agent, which actively eliminates scars and scars.

The composition of each of the collagen mask contains active additives for problem skin.The active ingredients are vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, herbs and essential oils.Such masks can be cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, restorative and regulatory course of action.

Underlying each mask sheet using lyophilized collagen type which is frozen and dried in a vacuum retaining beneficial properties.

Collagen facial mask with enzymes allow deep cleansing of impurities and makeup, as well as normalize the lipid balance.Enzymes are safe and highly effective components for improving the aging and weakened skin.

Cosmetic mask is applied to clean skin for 20-30 minutes, then completely removed from the surface and treated with the face tonic.

Before applying collagen mask for eyes beautician can perform acupressure age and moisturize the skin with a special cream.Masks for eye fatigue and reduce the number of facial wrinkles, stimulate the circulation and make the skin supple.

The main advantages of such masks are:

  • high lifting effect;
  • quick rejuvenating effect;
  • corrective action for problem skin;
  • safety in use.

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