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Contour face

Contour person is a minimally invasive method of correcting the shape of the face, cheeks and lips, as well as removal of wrinkles by introducing products based on hyaluronic acid (fillers).Hyaluronic acid - inorganic component of human connective tissue.Since it is a natural substance, it is safe, non-allergenic, compatible with the skin over time and is completely eliminated from the human body.In addition, contour facial fillers stimulate the growth of new skin cells and its regeneration.

Unfortunately, with age, the skin loses elasticity, and shows the folds and wrinkles, and they are becoming deeper and more every year.If 15-20 years ago to deal with age-related changes of the face seem possible only with the help of plastic surgeons, today gaining increasing popularity contour the face with hyaluronic acid.

On reviews, contour the face helps to effectively eliminate wrinkles between the eyes and the eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, deep nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehea

d.In addition, the technology helps to get rid of scars postoperative or posttraumatic, acne scars and raise the corners of the mouth.

Advantages and disadvantages of contouring the face with hyaluronic acid

On responses, facial contour has several important advantages, as opposed to plastic surgery.The most important advantage of the method is almost immediate effect.The procedure itself takes very little time and does not require human failure from everyday affairs.

In addition, contour does not require a rehabilitation period.Immediately after the procedure, the person can return to the normal rhythm of life.

One major drawback is the contouring facial fragility.Unfortunately, the fillers to fully resolve all the shortcomings and back again over time.On average, the effect of one procedure lasts from 8 months up to one year.

essence facial contouring fillers

Actually, the method itself is very simple and does not take much time.He is in the introduction of a special gel in different layers of the skin.The drug is injected using fine needles or cannulas.This low-impact method, and the duration of this procedure takes about half an hour.

for anesthesia is not usually required contouring, as in most modern drugs already contain an anesthetic.During one such procedure can get rid from several problems, if we apply the combined correction.It lies in the combination of correction face, lips and elimination or deep wrinkles.

effect after the procedure is noticeable immediately, but after the decay of swelling and redness becomes more pronounced.In the first few days after the face contour to the patient is not recommended too to express their emotions, but to preserve the maximum mimic rest.A week after the procedure should not go to the gym or pool, and two weeks - solarium, sauna or steam bath.

Contraindications for contouring the face

This procedure has a number of contraindications.For example, it is not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding, in the presence of skin fungal, viral diseases and microbicides, infectious and immunological diseases, diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, hemophilia.

Nor should conduct face contour in the rehabilitation period (several weeks) after the laser resurfacing or chemical peels.

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