Classic manicure - how to do , especially


Manicure manicure is a classic view of using scissors and tweezers, which are designed for cuticle removal and purification of the nail plate.

How do manicure

Before doing manicure, you need to spend cleaning the nail plate with a cotton pad with nail polish remover or special means, without the content of acetone to degrease the nails.It should not be hard and long to rub the nail, so it does not become porous and sloilsya.

If necessary, before the nail can cut the nail scissors regrown nails or just trim them.

Filing nails should be implemented from the lateral edge of the plate to the center of the nail to the surface is not sloilas.The best means for filing is a long nail file with a fine surface.

During the classical edging manicure is necessary to soften the cuticle for its quick and painless removal.Cuticle best to remove three minutes after softening baths.Gentle means are orange wood sticks, which must be carefully poddevat cuticle and remove it from the nail in the opposite di


barbs and the remaining parts of the cuticle can be gently remove nail clippers.Tweezers should not cut the skin to the blood vessels, so their actions depth should not exceed 2 mm.It is better to completely remove the cuticle to protect the nail from getting infections and the emergence of open wounds.

After cleansing and corrective treatment should be started with the help of nail polish polishing nail file, which makes nails smooth, smooth and stimulates circulation.

final stage classical edging manicure is lacquer and nail decoration.The first layer is applied to the colorless base coat to preserve the healthy appearance of the nail and strengthening subsequent coatings.Then nails cover basic lacquer of a certain color, but after a few minutes it is possible to apply a top coat for additional fixation of varnish.Masthead lacquer coating protects from abrasion and gives a glossy appearance.

In addition to manicure nail decoration can be carried out with the help of nail beads, rhinestones or special labels, linings.

Features and benefits of classical edging manicure

Classic manicure should be carried out in the absence of skin diseases with obligatory warm relaxing baths for hands with the addition of emollients.

Prerequisite manicure is safe disinfection of hands and skin softening special natural oils.

Manicure is the most convenient and popular cosmetic procedure.This nail polish has a number of advantages, which include:

  • of simplicity and versatility;
  • high safety and efficiency for running the nails;
  • opportunity for both women and men;
  • speed of and low cost;
  • giving the correct form of nails, correction and recovery.

Contraindications Contraindications to classical edging manicure are fungal infections, open sores, inflammation of the nail plate and cuticle, diabetes, poor blood clotting, a phobia against sharp objects, mental disorders.

wary cosmetic procedure carried out at the location of blood vessels close to the nail plate.

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