Staining Ombre hair - the main trend of the season

bi-tonal coloring hair with a horizontal line is called diffuse Ombre style.This word is translated from French it means a shadow, so this method is often referred to as shading.Staining Ombre hair is smooth or a sharp transition from dark to light the root tip that simulates the effect of sun bleached hair, fashion that is widely used in recent years.

technique of hair coloring Ombre

Fashionable hair color Ombre has a number of advantages, thanks to which this technique is a great recognition of the fair sex in the world.Among the main advantages of the method can be distinguished:

  • maximum natural color;
  • visual volume, which is achieved due to the color of hair on the game;
  • Ability to apply on the hair of any length and type;
  • No need regular trips to the hairdresser and colorist, because hair to grow, do not look neglected;
  • minimum harm to the hair, as the paint is applied only to the individual strands, while the roots of the hair are natural.

Ombre hair coloring technique consists of seve

ral methods.The first of these is as follows.Hair is divided into 5-6 equal horizontal strands and make fleece on each of them.Then, in the strand from the earlobe to the tips are painted and wrapped them in foil for 25-30 minutes.If you have bangs, you can also paint the ends.The result is a stylish way.

second method Ombre hair coloring technique provides a sliding transition from one shade to another.First, comb the hair well, then, starting from the top, according to the individual strands are applied paint smooth movements.If the roots are not enough regrown should initially paint them in a darker shade, only then proceed to the second color.

And finally, the third method Ombre hair coloring technique involves a procedure at home.For this purpose, a special brush, which is usually sold together with the Paint for Ombre.Between the teeth of the brush has a groove where you want to squeeze the paint.Please be aware that if the brush is held horizontally by the hair, the effect will be sharper, and if the vertical - a smooth transition.

Importantly, fashionable Ombre hair color is recommended to make a special interior from an experienced master as their own is difficult to determine the uniformity and intensity of the color transition.

Staining Ombre on dark hair

Staining Ombre hair dark to allow exercise maximum imagination and create an original image.This is because in this case a suitable contrasting color and a smooth transition to the darker shade lighter.It looks wonderful result, if you select Red, light brown, light brown or copper color to color.

believed that the lighter shade should begin about the ear lobe, but this is not necessarily the rule staining Ombre on dark hair.The first choice of primary color space depends on the length of hair and personal preferences.On long hair dark and often look great options when light shade begins slightly above the earlobe.

sharp contrast colors when painting Ombre on dark hair is more suitable owners of straight hair or those who tend to straighten them often.It should be noted that the number of shades not necessarily limited to two: you can experiment and get some color transitions.Clearly pronounced horizontal hairline in this case gives the image of extravagance and originality.

Staining Ombre on blond hair

The easiest way to light staining Ombre hair - toning it ends in a lighter color.To do this, choose a paint that is a few shades lighter than the natural hair color to get the desired effect.

Lovers of extravagant decisions having blond hair, it is recommended to create a bright image using contrasting colors.In this case, for the fashion Ombre hair coloring perfect saturated copper or bluish-black color.Again, you can not be limited to two shades and choose several colors and blond hair.Staining

Ombre short hair

As noted above, Ombre technique suitable for any type of hair and different lengths.And short hair is no exception to this method.Therefore, staining Ombre short hair also has its advantages.First of all, this lightness, fluffiness and additional volume of hair.

In addition, it is possible to achieve a very original way, if you create an asymmetric loop at the tip of the staining Ombre short hair.The circuit can start with a bang and move seamlessly into a more vivid color.This solution will suit lovers of the classic style of this technique.

bright image can be obtained, if you select the individual strands and paint the tips of the hair with a sharp transition to the natural shade.In this case, the horizontal line will be clearly expressed that looks very original to a short hairstyle.

As for hairstyles, the Ombre hair coloring must be carried out in accordance with it.For example, a smooth transition is very natural shades suitable for curly long hair with cascading hair.In this case, the perfect look dark brown earth tones, turning into a lighter wheat, brown or caramel color.This transition is also recommended to owners of large curls.

Regarding the abrupt transition of contrasting colors when painting Ombre hair, it is more suitable for straight hair or short haircut.This is due to the fact that the effect in this case is precisely expressed by the horizontal line that separates shades.

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Staining Ombre hair - the main trend of the season
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