Masala - description , types , properties

Masala Masala

- is the name of a mixture of aromatic Indian spices, which in addition to giving a spicy flavor dishes have a beneficial effect on the human body and its processes.Each region of India is cultivated its own version of masala, but the same components as the basis for all combinations.

Species masala and their properties

Masala is a very popular spice, due to its unique properties to improve the nutritional value of any meal.Moreover, Masala helps the digestive tract, improves digestion and assimilation of food, has a disinfecting effect.

In our country the most widely several popular varieties of masala, which include tandoori masala, punch-masala, garam masala, chaat masala and the combination of spices for tea.

One of the best known and most popular varieties in the world is masala garam masala.The composition of its different variations include black and white pepper, cloves and cinnamon, curry and laurel leaves, long pepper pippali and star anise, cumin (Indian cumin) and black

cumin, coriander and black, green and brown cardamom, as well as nutmeg.All of these components masala offer a number of useful properties.For example, the stud is used in medicine as a carminative and bactericidal agent helps relieve dental pain, mouth infection resolves.In addition, it is soothing and reducing agent force is applied after a nervous and physical fatigue, but also activates the memory.No less useful component of this type is the so-called masala Roman caraway (cumin and cumin).This spice essential oils rich in healing, the protein and calcium, with sugar and resinous substance.Including it in your daily diet can help the body clear of toxins.It is believed that cumin helps cleanse the respiratory system, and stimulates the nervous system, which allows a person to feel the rush of lightness.

combination of a large number of different components of spicy chaat masala.Its membership may include Tung bean powder, asafoetida (Hing, ferrule) and mango (amchur), powdered black and red (cayenne) pepper and ginger, cumin seeds and fennel, and black salt is of volcanic origin (Kala Namak) andalready prepared mixture garam masala.Each of the components of this masala has a healing effect on the human body.For example, asafoetida, despite its sharp taste and smell, is a very efficient tool in combating osteochondrosis, arthritis and sciatica, favors the restoration of the hormonal functions of gonads and adrenal glands, is an excellent antispasmodic, sedative and laxative, it helps to get rid of ear pain, intestinaland skin parasites.Fennel contains carotene, ascorbic acid and a variety of vitamins.This spice is an antioxidant, an excellent tool for cleaning the blood and removing toxins and the perfect remedy for a weak stomach, pancreatitis and gallstones.Doctors recommend to include fennel in the treatment of neuroses, depression and insomnia, cancer and radiation exposure, as well as in some other cases.

Tandoori masala is a "bouquet" of spices, designed for cooking in the tandoor (tandoor) and give them useful properties.The basis of tandoori masala is garam masala, and its ancillary components are all the same cumin, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and lemon juice.All these components are well known for their healing properties.A distinctive feature of tandoori masala is the ability to maintain all the useful properties with significant exposure to temperature and even strengthen them.

most "simple" is a punch-masala - spiced mixture of five spices: fennel, or anise seeds of fenugreek and black mustard, black cumin (Nigella sativa) and Indian (cumin).Seeds of fenugreek, a distinctive component of this masala, have a mass of useful properties and unique smell.Shambhala is a valuable source of iron, protein and vitamins B and D. It promotes the release of mucus from the body, toxins, excess fat, stimulate the mental faculties and serves as an effective means of bracing.

Chai Masala - immunomodulator and Energy

deserves special attention masala tea - a mixture of spices, rich thick aroma, esteemed residents of south Asia, and now many other corners of the Earth.Masala tea is used for the preparation of a special drink on the basis of strong Indian tea with the addition of whole milk.This drink is a kind of energy, having a strong warming, tonic and tonic effect.

Recipes tea masala, there are as many as the option of using other types of masala, but the main components should always be Black tea, ginger, fennel, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and milk, without which the beneficial properties of spices are not disclosedto end.In addition, further to the masala tea can be used in different variations of star anise, fenugreek, saffron, pepper, almonds, rose petals and other traditional oriental spices.

benefits of tea masala is the combined effect of all of its constituent spices for good reason - before the era of chemical pharmacology as drugs used by them.Spices ensure inclusion in the drink a unique composition of vitamin and mineral complex, have amazing health effects not only on the body but also on the psycho-emotional component.Weak tea masala, combined with mint or lemon balm is recommended to use as a natural sedative.In India, the masala tea is often used to treat all sorts of ailments, lethargy, lack of appetite, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of metabolism and blood circulation, as well as all kinds of colds and infectious diseases.

unique taste, beneficial properties and effective healing effect it possible to build a masala tea in the favorites category from among all the hot beverages in India and some other South Asian countries.

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