Mazzoni - cooking, useful properties

Mazzoni Mazzoni - a traditional fermented milk product of the Caucasian peoples (notably Georgia and Armenia, where it is called matsun), Asia Minor and the Middle East.It is prepared on the basis of boiled cow's, sheep's, goat's milk or a mixture thereof.The technology consists in fermenting milk using lactic streptococci and Bulgarian bacillus.At a temperature of 37 degrees the mixture was placed in a special device designed to retain heat, which hold about 3-4 hours.

somewhat different way of preparation yogurt accepted in Armenian cuisine: boiled milk cooled to 40-50 degrees, and then fermented using residues from previous matsun.The vessel is almost finished with a mixture of leave in a warm place for several hours.

Experts believe that the recipe for this drink has about 200 years.According to legend, it was invented Caucasian mountaineers, pouring milk into a bowl crude, which until then was kept curdled.In those days, as the capacity for storing yoghurt used stomachs of slaughtered animals.R

ennet from the stomach are not separated, so the researchers believe there was cheese making technology.

Useful properties of yoghurt appreciated not only by the mountaineers, they at one time interested in Russian scientist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov.Studying the question of longevity of inhabitants of some Russian regions, and several Asian countries, he concluded that their diet will certainly present yoghurt, which is likely to have a positive effect on life expectancy.

Useful properties of yoghurt

Regardless of the method of preparation of yogurt - Georgian or Armenian - a drink known for its ability to perfectly satisfy thirst and hunger that the fans will appreciate an active lifestyle.Especially pay attention to the useful properties of yoghurt to those who seriously and professionally engaged in sports: a low calorie content (about 55 calories per 100 g), the product is rich in easily digestible protein, contributing to the rapid growth of muscle mass.

Useful yoghurt and those who have difficulty falling asleep at night.In order to sleep soon overcame recommended before going to sleep drink a little fresh yoghurt.This good habit will help calm the nervous system, so at night it will be easier to fall asleep.

In addition, fermented milk drink from the Caucasus Mountains copes with excessive slagging of the body, it removes toxins and excess cholesterol.That is why yogurt is often consumed during periods of fasting days and diet.

particular cooking method allows yoghurt absorbed much easier to fresh milk, so it is, in most cases it is suitable to use for those who suffer from intolerance to lactase.In combination with a variety of essential acids, proteins, minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium), as well as B vitamins and vitamins A and D, the beverage is a delicious and healthy product, fit for human consumption at any age.

The content of microorganisms in fermented milk drink yoghurt allow to struggle with pathogenic microflora in the intestines, which has beneficial effects on overall health, and, according to some sources, prolongs youth.

Due to the special method of preparation and properties of yoghurt ferment included in its composition, the product is perfectly stimulates appetite, improves blood circulation, normalizes the activity of the intestines and improves the functioning of liver and kidneys.

Preparation of yoghurt at home

Easy to prepare and available ingredients in the drink, make it possible to rely on the fact that fresh yoghurt will always be at hand.

main ingredient - milk, you can choose, depending on taste preferences.For example, fit and cow and goat, and even sheep's milk.

first method of preparing yoghurt requires one liter of milk, 250-300 g of live yogurt without additives.Milk, heated to a temperature of 45-55 degrees, cooled to 35-40 degrees, followed by addition of yoghurt pot and covered with a lid.Construction should wrap a warm blanket and leave to rest for 6-8 hours. Upon expiration of yoghurt is ready.

For the second method will need: 2 liters of milk, thick cream 200 g, the crust of bread.Milk for 2 hours to keep on the low heat, do not forget to stir to avoid sticking.After that, add the cream, mix well, add the following hunk of bread and leave the mixture for a day.When the yoghurt is ready, it should be stored in the refrigerator, took out a bread crust.

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