Radio wave or laser removal of warts

warts medicine called a viral disease, the causative agent which acts HPV (human papilloma virus).It appears as a small diameter growths of one to several millimeters in the genital area and anus, at least - in the oral cavity.Infection with a virus like occurs through contact with infected skin or mucous membranes.The basis for its occurrence are the same processes as in the development of tumors.That is why the removal of warts can not stay long: their presence may indicate a precancerous condition.Today, there are few effective methods for removing such tumors.

Removing warts laser

Removing warts laser is currently one of the most common ways of getting rid of this type of tumor.In this procedure, laser energy affects warts tissue.The main strength of the radiation is directed to the microvessels that supply the tumor with blood.

Typically, when you remove warts laser patient feels only a slight burning sensation.The need for repeat treatments depends on the severity of the disease.Sam session us

ually lasts 10 to 30 minutes.

Sometimes after burning process in place of the removed warts are scars that can be called the main drawback of the method.However, the presence of scar tissue also depends on the degree of disease neglect.Often warts removal laser is performed using local anesthesia.

It is said that after such an operation the patient quickly returns to its familiar life.To do this, you simply need to follow all the doctor's recommendation.Basically, they assume failure at one and a half months:

  • hiking in the bath;
  • trip to the sauna;
  • solarium;
  • lifting weights;
  • sex (sometimes).

should also remember that the removal of warts laser - this is not a complete solution to the problem.Often required the removal of the virus, which causes the appearance of such tumors.Therefore, together with the procedure to remove them, it makes sense to take a course of treatment, which is aimed at blocking infection.

Removing warts nitrogen

less effective than the laser method is a method of removing warts with nitrogen.Although this procedure is relatively inexpensive and painless, the likelihood of recurrence of tumors in the same place rather big.

Nitrogen that is used during the procedure, is prepared in special plants, where it is transferred from the gas to the liquid state at a temperature of minus 196 ° C.For this method of freezing tissue characterized by condyloma exposure using low temperature liquid nitrogen.On neoplasm jam applicator soaked in this liquid, after which it is destroyed and dies.The wound on the site of nitrogen removing warts usually heals within 1-2 weeks.

This method has virtually no contraindications.Among them are the only acute allergic reactions to cold or burning individual intolerance.

Also, before choosing this way the removal of warts, it is necessary to determine the state of the immune system of the patient.Sometimes, to enhance immunity in this case, treatment supplement intake of immunomodulators, the transition to a healthy lifestyle.Often, doctors recommend as ozone therapy.

However, a high probability of recurrence of the infection is a big minus nitrogen treatments remove warts.The radio frequency

removing warts

Perhaps the most effective modern method of getting rid of these tumors is a radio wave removal of warts.Primarily, this is due to the fact that when such a procedure is not in contact with the tools of the patient's body: they are replaced with high-frequency radio streams.

Under their influence tissue warts apart, the skin is not exposed to overheating, the vessels do not bleed, and all kinds of germs are killed instantly.Thus, the tumor is removed easily, and the probability of further development of the virus is completely eliminated.

noted other advantages of radiowave remove warts:

  • Full painless;
  • Fast procedure;
  • exception of edema and infiltration;
  • absence of postoperative complications;
  • absence of scarring at the site removing warts;
  • Quick rehabilitation period.

Before the procedure necessarily performed anesthesia.Typically, the method chosen physician of the following three:

  • application of anesthetic cream;
  • use anesthetic spray;
  • injection under the base of warts.

The process of removing warts radiowave takes 10 to 30 minutes.

As noted above, warts mostly affect the genital area and the anus.In addition, men are the most frequent tumors in the area:

  • glans penis;
  • Bridles foreskin;
  • the inner layer of the foreskin.

In the females, warts are usually observed:

  • In the large and small labia;
  • on the clitoris;
  • On the hymen;
  • in the urethra area;
  • The cervical region;
  • in the vaginal area.

Removing vaginal warts and other genital organs often frighten women soreness.However, the radio wave method in this case is the most efficient and causes minimal pain.

But be aware that the removal of the vaginal warts and other genital organs in this manner is contraindicated in the following pathologies:

  • Inflammation of the skin;
  • Oncological diseases;
  • aggravation of any disease.

In addition, it is important to remember that in any case should not be to eliminate warts using radio streams during menstruation and pregnancy.

It is worth adding that the removal of such tumors is not completely relieves the patient of the disease.Therefore, a method of removing warts you would have chosen, you must also pass a comprehensive treatment to block the virus.

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