Salo - calorie , benefits , harm

Salo Salo

is animal fat that is deposited under the skin in the abdomen.Functionally, it is a reserve nutrient animal and consists predominantly of triglycerides.It also contains a lot of saturated fatty acid residues.

Eat fat in fresh, boiled, smoked.Popularly also salty bacon and salted smoked, which was called "fat".

Calorie fat

Calorie fat is quite high - 100 g of about 770-810 calories.This is the main reason that many women prefer to eat his food is not at all.

little history

wonder who started first have bacon?It is believed that it is the Ukrainian national product, but is it?It turns out that about fat since ancient times and know other people.For example, in the Armenian sources dating from the 7th century BCYou can find references about this food product.In ancient China, also grew pigs, and to this day there love to eat bacon and pork.However, this can be considered the birthplace of his Italy, or rather, Ancient Rome.In Rome there were many slaves who had something to feed,

and the fat just is very hearty and inexpensive meal.

For centuries, fat was considered the food of the poor, and the meat was given to the rich.Since it was necessary to store fat, people have learned it properly harvested, freeze, smoke, cook salty bacon.With him began to prepare various dishes, and every people can find their recipes with the addition of a food: Ukrainians, Czechs, Poles, English, Russian, German, American and Belarusians.The Muslims considered unclean pork product, so it does not consume food.If you think about it, can be found in the practical roots - stored fat has always been problematic in these countries due to the hot climate.

in Russia since the 13th century, fat was one of the staple foods.In these troubled times to Russia came the Mongols, who collected very high tribute to people.This applies to everything, and the food and the living creatures in the house.Do not touch them only pigs - because of their short legs it was difficult to overtake.

in Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian villages fat always respected and loved: with onions and black bread, radishes, horseradish and mustard, it was always convenient to take with you to work, hunting or fishing.Without fat also does not do any one meal.It is known that it prevents rapid intoxication with alcohol and fat of well-digested fats contained therein.


Despite the high caloric content of lard, it includes nutrients are in such combinations that it is absorbed by the body much easier than butter.It contains about 88% of animal fats that contain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol.Also present proteins and vitamins A, E, D, C, B, PP, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, selenium, manganese, copper and calcium.

The fat contains a lot of arachidonic acid, so necessary to man for the normal operation of many organs and produce important hormones.With its lack often the person has inflammation.That is why doctors believe that the use of fat in the first place consists therein in the presence of arachidonic acid.The vegetable products it is not contained, and in its butter almost 10 times less than in fat.

also use lard is such unsaturated fatty acids contained in it: linoleic, oleic, linoleic, so that the beauty and health of the staple food is much more useful than the best quality sausages.

Treatment lard

unsalted and salted fat has long been successfully used in cooking.But beyond that it is successfully used in folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Use lard for colds.In bronchitis, for example, a mixture consisting of a decoction of the root of marshmallow and suet.Feet and hands for colds, pain in the joints rubbed pork lard.

to stop inflammation in mastitis, breast superimposed on the old thin slices of bacon.It also is effective in weeping eczema.To do this, prepare the following mixture: 2 tablespoonsperetoplennogo unsalted bacon, 2 egg whites, 1 liter of juice of celandine and 100 grams of powdered herb nightshade.The resulting mixture before use is necessary to insist three days, then it is possible to lubricate the affected areas.

fat Helps recover from a serious illness, especially for exhaustion.To do this, prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoonshoney, 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbspbacon, melted in a water bath.

hardhealed wounds treated with a mixture of beeswax and unsalted lard.And with varicose veins in the early stages of fat use it helps stop the disease.

When calcaneal spur helps a good mixture of vinegar, raw eggs and unsalted bacon.It helps it for pain in the teeth.To do this, simply attach a slice of salted lard between a sick tooth and gum.

In addition, it is believed that the fat is the perfect prophylactic against cancer, as it promotes the excretion of toxins and radionuclides.

Harm fat

Along with the many useful properties of lard can be identified and a number of his bad qualities.

Firstly, the harm of fat is that we can very quickly gain weight from it.After all, our daily diet is not only fat, but also from other products, so there is a risk to consume much more fat and calories than necessary.The daily rate of fat - not more than '50

In addition, if it is not blank to follow safety rules, the fat damage becomes apparent, as there is a high probability of infestation.

has fat and a number of contraindications.For example, its use is contraindicated in patients with pancreatitis, cholecystitis and as the disease may be exacerbated.

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