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Ataxia - Glossary of Medical Terms

Ataxia ataxia (ataxia; ataxia Greek - lack of coordination, confusion.) - Movement disorder, which manifests disorder coordination.

are the following types of ataxia:

  • Alcohol (alcoholica) - occurs when the alcoholic intoxication;vestibulomozzhechkovoy caused by a functional disorder of the system;
  • Articulating (articulatoria) - accompanied by impaired articulation of speech;it appears jerky, deceleration stretch;It is seen against the background of the defeat of the cerebellum and its connections with the brain stem;
  • Vestibular (vestibularis; synonym: ataxia labyrinth) - occurs in lesions of the vestibular analyzer;manifest nystagmus, dizziness, deviation of the body while standing and walking in the direction of destruction;
  • Dynamic (dynamica; synonym: locomotor ataxia) - manifests incoordination during voluntary movements of limbs, especially the top;
  • Hysterical (hysterica) - has a psychogenic origin;It characterized by a large variability manifestations depending on the degree of suggestibi
    lity of the patient and his emotional state;
  • Frontal (frontalis) - static-locomotor ataxia on the side opposite the lesion focus fronto-cerebellopontine ways;
  • Cerebellar (cerebellaris) - cerebellar ataxia in lesions and / or the efferent and afferent pathways;It appears in the form of static or dynamic ataxia;
  • Cerebellar acute (acerebellaris acuta; synonyms: Westphal-Leyden acute cerebellar ataxia, Leyden, Westphal acute ataxia) - cerebellar ataxia transient;It occurs at an altitude of acute infectious diseases and intoxication or after them;
  • Rubralnaya (rubralis;. Anat nucleus ruber - red nucleus) - dynamic ataxia;combined with coarse tremor of limbs on the side that is opposite to lesions hindfoot red nucleus;
  • sensitivity (sensitiva) - dynamic and static ataxia;It occurs when lesions ways proprioceptive sensitivity;
  • Spine (spinalis) - sensory ataxia;It occurs in lesions of the posterior columns of the spinal cord;
  • static-locomotor (staticolocomotoria) - manifested disorders of walking and standing;
  • Static (statica; synonym: ataxia of the trunk) - shown sitting and standing disequilibrium in the position;
  • tabid (tabetica) - spinal ataxia;It arises as a manifestation of syphilis of the nervous system.

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