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Atelectasis - Glossary of Medical Terms

Atelectasis Atelectasis

(atelectasis;.. Greek ateles - unfinished, incomplete, unfinished + Greek ektasis - extension) - the state of the lung or a portion thereof, in which almost no alveoli contain or do not contain air and submitted sleeping.

are the following types of atelectasis:

  • Allergic (allergica) - is associated with spasm of the bronchi and the swelling of the mucous membrane;It is allergic origin;
  • Aspiration (aspirationis) - is associated with a hit in the bronchus along with the inhaled air of a foreign body;
  • acinar (acinosa; synonym: lobular atelectasis) - atelectasis lung portion, which corresponds to the terminal bronchioles, occurring against the backdrop of its obstruction;
  • Congenital (congenita; synonym: primary atelectasis) - nefunktsionirovavshih atelectasis lungs or parts of the lungs, for example, premature or stillborn children;
  • dizontogeneticheskie (dysontogenetica) - congenital atelectasis of the lung, is associated with an abnormality of the bronchial tree;
  • discoid (discoidea; synonym: atelectasis plate) - small lung atelectasis area;
  • Equity (lobaris) - obstructive or compression atelectasis, growing within one lobe of the lung;
  • Compression (compressiva; synonym: a collapsed lung) - is caused by compression of lung tissue from the outside;
  • obstructive (obturatoria) - atelectasis lung portion, associated with occlusion or obliteration of the corresponding bronchus;
  • Hearth (focalis) - small areas of atelectasis of the lung, caused by obstruction of the corresponding bronchus;
  • parapneumonic (parapneumonica;.. The Greek prefix para- - about + Greek pneumon - light) - develops around foci of pneumonia;
  • acquired (acquisita; synonym: atelectasis secondary) - atelectasis in function normally before the light;
  • Reflex (reflectoria) - extensive or total atelectasis, which developed due to reflex bronchospasm;
  • Segmental (segmentalis) - obstructive or compression atelectasis, which developed within one bronchopulmonary segment;
  • by rigorous (totalis) - complete atelectasis of the lung (one or both);
  • Saline (physiologica) - atelectasis lung parenchyma edges in normal pulmonary ventilation;
  • Functional (functionalis; synonyms: gipoventilyatsionny atelectasis, atelectasis distenzionny) - atelectasis adjacent to the spine or lower lung due to their insufficient ventilation in bedridden patients debilitated.

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