12 August

Atrophy - Glossary of Medical Terms

Atrophy Atrophy (atrophia; a- - neg parts + Greek trophe - nutrition..) - Reducing the volume and weight of the tissue or organ, accompanied by a weakening of the termination of their functions;atrophy are based tissue nutrition disorders, which leads to gradual replacement of parenchymal elements of fibrous tissue.

atrophy are the following types:

  • From inactivity (synonym: atrophy dysfunctional) - develops due to prolonged lowering functional load on the body;
  • Brown (fusca) - develops due to accumulation of lipofuscin in the cells, which is why the body is painted in the color brown hue;characteristic of striated muscle, liver, myocardium;
  • Smooth (glabra) - the process is spread evenly, so the body maintains a smooth surface;The term is usually used in relation to the liver and kidneys;
  • Hormone (hormonalis) - develops due to hormonal regulation of metabolism in a tissue or organ;
  • pressure (e compressione; synonym: atrophy of compression) - develops undergoing prolonged compression of tissues;
  • Substitution (substitutiva) - atrophy of endocrine glands due to prolonged use of drugs containing hormones or analogs of hormones produced by these glands;
  • Grainy (granularis) - the process of spread is uneven, as evidenced by the hummocky surface of this body;
  • Concentric (concentrica) - a type of bone atrophy, which preserves the normal ratio of the medullary cavity dimensions and the cortical layer of bone;
  • Radiation (radialis) - is caused by degenerative processes of reproduction and the termination of parenchymal cells due to radiation damage to the body;
  • Local (localis) - atrophy of certain tissues or organs;
  • Pathological (pathologica) - develops because of a pathological process;The term is used as opposed to the physiological atrophy;
  • Physiological (physiologica) - is a step in the individual development of some organs (ductus arteriosus, umbilical artery, thymus, etc.) or seen in old age;
  • eccentric (excentrica) - a type of bone atrophy;characterized by the violation of normal relations between the medullary cavity and the cortical bone layer (with its dramatic thinning).

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