Cesarean section - you can eat after surgery

Caesarean section, as it is known, is a surgical operation, the implementation of which requires the doctor a lot of experience and skill.Undergoing caesarean section can planning when there are indications for surgery or emergency, when, during natural childbirth complications arise that threaten the life of the mother or child.In cases where the operation is carried out a planned, a woman needs to prepare in advance for it is particularly important to know that you can have after a caesarean section before it.

expectant mother must think not only about how to employed its products and dishes not cause allergies later in the infant, and that after the work of her lane operation intestine recovers only after a few days.Therefore, its diet at this time should be properly selected and consist entirely of what can be eaten after a cesarean section.

Meals after cesarean section is fundamentally different from the diet after a vaginal delivery only during the first week after the operation, until the bowel

does not work to recover.The signal that is recovered from the intestine completely emptying the natural way without the use of laxatives or enemas.

Meals after cesarean section: what is impossible?

just a few days prior to the cesarean diet should consist of foods low in fiber.Completely excluded from the diet is recommended to those foods that cause flatulence.These products include the following:

  • Raw fruits (especially grapes and apples);
  • Nuts;
  • bread from wheat flour;
  • Confectionery;
  • Raw vegetables (especially cabbage);
  • Legumes;
  • Milk.

fried, fatty, smoked and salty foods should also be excluded from the diet on delivery time and 8 hours before elective Caesarean section is necessary to completely give up eating.

Diet after cesarean

To learn after cesarean section, that can be eaten, it is necessary to consult with the obstetrician-gynecologist.He'll tell you in detail, and in line with all the features of the woman's body, will select the most suitable for her food for this period.

Full recovery of the body after cesarean section is a fairly long process, but the diet is especially important to observe for the first 4-7 days, until the work of the intestine is restored.To speed up the recovery process must be followed before and after cesarean diet.

The day before surgery is recommended to strictly observe the following diet:

  • breakfast - oatmeal cooked in water;
  • Lunch - chicken broth;
  • Dinner - buckwheat porridge without salt.

the day of the caesarean section should be no power at all, as any food can get into the airways and lungs during surgery.Diet after a caesarean section rather tough, the woman should be prepared for what will have to comply with all the recommendations, because it affects not only her health, but also the welfare of the newborn.

first day after surgery, doctors recommend to spend on mineral water without gas.You should choose a trusted manufacturer of water, without food additives, but if desired it can add a few drops of natural lemon juice.On the first day after cesarean food and especially a woman is not required because it gets all the necessary nutrients droplets.

On the second day after cesarean power to become more diverse.Allowed cereals except rice, cooked in water without salt, veal or chicken broth secondary, as well as mashed potatoes, cooked on water without any additives.

On the third day in the diet after cesarean section is already possible to add low-fat boiled meat, chicken breast and fish, cereals (except rice), cooked in water and rather weak black or green tea without sugar.

On the fourth and in the following days after cesarean section women diet to get a similar diet of women after vaginal delivery.A variety of products are introduced into the diet in small portions, which every day is gradually increased until the power mode is back to the usual sight for a woman.

Later, already after a bowel operation will be fully restored, diet still have after cesarean section.Particular attention should be paid to food portions, preferably to one serving an average of 100 grams of any dish.

Since inherently caesarean section is an operation lane, food for 1-2 months after birth, you will need to eat more of those foods that have a positive effect on the intestinal peristalsis (prunes and beets).Doctors recommend at this time to give up dried apricots because it can cause colic and allergies in the newborn, as well as vegetables and fruits red.Also, do not drink too much sweet tea and compote of dried fruits, but the broth from the hips recommended in unlimited quantities.

Planned caesarean section is that the operation, which is to be prepared in advance.First of all, women need to know that you can have after cesarean section, which products from the diet is better to exclude and how long you need to stick to a diet.As with any other lane operation for cesarean delivery food should be boiled or steamed for 1-2 months after birth.Stick to diet after cesarean section is very important, because of the power supply depends on the health and well-being newly-made mother's during this period, and therefore the child.

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