Rules of conduct in public places for children and adults

The natural occurrence of the child in society largely depends on his behavior and cultural skills: Educated people are much easier to integrate, establish relationships with others, to win the respect and recognition of adults and peers.Therefore, learning the rules of behavior of the child in society - one of the key tasks of raising children.

rules of children's behavior in public places

in public places, whether it's theater, museum, zoo or transport, children are constantly faced with other people.Due to the observance of simple rules of behavior of the child in society and culture shaped behavior skills.

First of all, the kid must remember that public talk in a low voice, in any case can not scream, unless it has good reason.Especially this rule applies to museums and theaters.The child should clearly understand the purpose of joining one or another cultural institution.For this house is negotiated in advance how to behave in such places.But one little conversation, the whole system must be th

e impact, the child gradually learned how to behave.For example, you need to drive at an early age son or daughter to the theater, then, thanks to the prompts parents, they will learn good habits.

second rule the behavior of children in public places stipulates that in the theater during the performance is indecent rustling candy wrappers, something to eat or drink.To do this, there are a snack bar and an intermission.It is necessary to explain to the child why, for example, in a movie theater, you can drink Coke and eat popcorn and can not be in the theater.The kid must detail and several times to hear from an adult about the requirements that apply to visitors in the theater.

Finally, the third rule of the behavior of children in public reads about how to behave in museums and exhibitions.We must explain to the child that you can not go to an ice cream or a drink, as well as prohibited to touch the exhibits hands.During the tour, you must listen to the guide carefully.In order to interest the child, you can tell him in advance of the forthcoming exhibition and form he need to get acquainted with the exhibits personally.In this case, the baby will be easier to control his behavior.

Behavior children

public transport, special attention should be paid to the behavior of children in public transport, as many students and young people ignore the elementary rules of courtesy in buses, trolley buses and the metro.Accepted standards of behavior in public transport:

  • need to miss women with children or elderly people at the entrance to the transport;
  • not need to stand at the entrance and block the passage of the passengers preparing to leave;
  • must always give way to the disabled, the elderly, women with children and pregnant women;
  • Moving into the crowd of passengers, can not help themselves elbows, better ask the voice rather than push;
  • When sneezing or coughing, you should cover your mouth with your hands or a handkerchief;
  • can not drink or eat in public transport, as you can accidentally stain your clothes or the nearby passenger seat of the car;
  • While in the salon, do not need to talk loudly or laugh.

These rules are very simple and accessible to everyone.Not bad accompany them with such words as "Thank you," "Be kind," "Thank you" and "please".

Teaching children behavior in public places, like any other educational action requires pedagogical effort from parents, caregivers and teachers.The child does not know the rules, so it is necessary to explain to them, and more than once.And do not forget that children imitate adults around, and thus only their own positive example can teach your child the culture of behavior.

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