The injection of hCG - indications and effectiveness

HCG Injections - this injection of hormonal preparations, the active ingredient of which is human chorionic gonadotropin.These include Pregnil, Profazi, Horagon, Humegon, Horiogonin, menogon and others.They contribute to the restoration of the ovulatory process, as well as education and hormonal activity of the corpus luteum by increasing the blood index of hCG.Usually assigned to stimulate ovulation injection of hCG 5000 IU to 10,000, and a smaller dose of 1000 to 3000 IU, - to maintain pregnancy.Nevertheless, preparations of hCG dosage should be titrated every time strictly individually, depending on the level of hormones, follicle quantities and other factors, as the excess of gonadotropins may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Prick hCG when anovulation

The injection of hCG is indicated for the treatment of infertility associated with lack of ovulation.

Anovulation can be caused by the following factors:

  • polycystic ovarian syndrome;
  • Excessive physical activity;
  • Stress;
  • Taking certain medications.

should establish the exact reason for which the ovaries do not mature able to fertilize an egg.To do this, you must be tested for hormones, regularly measure the basal temperature and do an ultrasound.Research and identify any deviations will show whether it is necessary to make an injection of hCG to stimulate ovulation.For example, the normalization of elevated levels of thyroid hormone, prolactin, or male sex hormones can promote the natural regeneration of the ovulatory cycle.

to confirm anovulation held constant ultrasound monitoring of follicular development.The first ultrasound is done at 8-10 days after the last menstrual period, then - every 2-3 days to determine whether ovulation has occurred or the next menstrual period.Observations can serve as a basis for drug stimulation.In particular, if the follicle does not rupture, the HCG injection is indicated for the resumption of ovulation and prevent the formation of follicular cysts.

Usually 24-36 hours post-injection is necessary to confirm a successful stimulation with ultrasound, as well as to determine the frequency and timing of intercourse and inseminations based on semen parameters.

Pregnancy after the injection of hCG

pregnancy test after the injection of hCG should be done not earlier than two weeks after ovulation, since the expiry of the term of the tests may give a false positive result.Therefore, the most reliable method of determining pregnancy is to monitor hCG dynamics.From the moment of conception gonadotropin level doubles every 2-3 days, reaching the maximum score by the end of the first trimester.Then, the content starts to drop slowly and remains constant for the remainder of the term.

Thanks to well-defined standards of detention of hCG in the blood analysis allows:

  • conception diagnose in the early stages;
  • exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy;
  • Determine the threat of miscarriage or missed abortion;
  • Rate completeness of abortion.

injections of hCG during pregnancy

HCG injections administered during pregnancy due to the reduced concentration of the hormone that can be caused by insufficient production or its complete cessation of production.Low HCG in the early diagnosis of pregnancy may be associated with premature study, in this case, the analysis should be repeated later.If the index is different from the accepted norm by more than 20%, it may feature the following serious infringements:

  • Ectopic or missed abortion;
  • Chronic placental insufficiency;
  • threat of miscarriage;
  • delays in the development and fetal death.

timely raising parameters hCG contributes to the successful planning and preservation of pregnancy.

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