The child's behavior - especially the reasons

Features a child's behavior is primarily determined by its mental development.In recent decades, this aspect is considered in terms of the mother's relationship with a child as a single system.In most cases, parents are raising children on the basis of personal experience and understanding of life.Lacking the necessary knowledge in child psychology, often there are situations when children's behavior puzzled parents.Becomes incomprehensible nor the motives for this behavior, no way out of this situation.

Considering features of the child's behavior, it is necessary, first of all, keep in mind that each child is unique.It has its own advantages and disadvantages.There are different classifications that produce the most typical behavior of children.They are based on the features of mental development and temperament.

Assessing behaviors the child needs to understand that depending on the situation the same trait can be regarded as a virtue, and vice versa.Quite striking example is the shyness that under

certain conditions it is treated as a courtesy and modesty, and the other as a restraint associated with low self-esteem.

Factors affecting especially the child's behavior

addition to innate traits of character and temperament, defining features of the child's behavior, we can distinguish two related parties in child development:

  • physiological development, which includes the satisfaction of physiological needs for physical comfort, food,movements and impressions, which are necessary for the development of the nervous system.As part of the research, it was found that the satisfaction of the physiological needs of the child is necessary, but not sufficient for its full development;
  • Emotionally-personal and cognitive development of the child, which is based on the relevant cultural-specific model of society.Modern psychologists say that the features of the child's behavior to a greater extent determined by the influence of cultural and individual characteristics of the mother.

Features of behavior of shy children

shy, hesitant and shy children usually share a common feature - low self-esteem.At a meeting with unfamiliar phenomena are usually frightened or irritated looking for parent support and protection.

Bringing up a child should try not to exacerbate the shyness, but rather smooth.To do this, you must develop the creative potential that such children usually have.Given the nature of the child's behavior, parents and teachers should pay attention to such positive traits as observation, diligence and heightened sense of responsibility.

Features of behavior of children with mental retardation

Quite often there are situations when parents notice that the younger the baby behind in the development of their peers - later begins to stand, sit, speak, and behave inappropriately in children's collective.It should also be an alarming signal that the child can not concentrate and are often distracted.In these aspects of the behavior of the child parents to consult a specialist as it may be indicative of mental retardation (mental retardation).

behavior of children with mental retardation need to be adjusted from an early age.To this end, developed special programs to help prepare children for school.Otherwise, he will certainly have difficulty not only learning, but also to communication.This will lead to the fact that it will get a lot of comments from teachers and ridicule from classmates, which will be the impetus for the emergence of other symptoms - reduced self-esteem, resentment and anxiety.

According to various estimates learning difficulties in primary schools are experiencing up to 20% of children.However, to determine what mental retardation is the reason for this may only doctor neuropsychiatrist.It should be understood that the behavior of children with mental retardation with proper correction is not the cause of training in a specialized school.Even with the slow pace of perception and processing of incoming information the child can be taught to plan their activities and to foresee the result of their activities.

Features of behavior

hyperactive child Quite often, increased motor activity of the child serves as a pretext to call for help to doctors.Often the cause of hyperactivity are a variety of diseases, including diseases of the nervous system.

However, in most cases, doctors say that the basis of conflict and inadequate parenting behavior are defects.In most cases, the cause of the behavior of hyperactive child is:

  • too strict authoritarian parenting style;
  • Education, which is dominated by excessive guardianship, does not allow for the development of the necessary experience;
  • lack of uniform requirements and attitude to children, depending on mood and well being.

The main features of the behavior of hyperactive child is restlessness, lack of concentration, aggressiveness and conflicts.However, the constant comments and criticisms only exacerbate the situation, as they contribute to the formation of an inferiority complex.

These children are experiencing some difficulties in the children's collective, where even very good teacher is simply not enough time and effort to raise a hyperactive child.Given the nature of the child's behavior and aware of the future difficulties, parents should seek help from a child psychologist, who can help find the right approach to the child and to adjust its behavior.

Quite often conflicting behavior of the child demonstrates the problems in the relationship between the parents, then help the family just needed a psychologist.At the same time for the future of their child, parents should be prepared to notice their mistakes and change their behavior.

In addition to these features of the behavior of the child's teachers and psychologists also allocate such as:

  • slowness.Children with such a feature of the mind must be helped to overcome the complexes associated with the fact that it is difficult to be included in the job and to move from one thing to another;
  • capricious.With this type of behavior parents should pay attention to the child that not only through the demands and whims can achieve their goals.It is important to involve these children in family affairs, in which they feel themselves full members;
  • closed.Closed children as opposed to shy do not want to communicate.Usually the causes of such behavior rooted in the fear of strangers, long-term anxiety and inability to behave in a strange situation.

When raising a child, parents should understand that there is no universal correct method.In any case, more important than all the love, care and genuine interest in the child.And only then knowledge based on the peculiarities of the child's behavior, help to grow a full and versatile personality.

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