Indicators of visual acuity in children

vision in children - the most important function, providing reception of visual information about the world, is experiencing an enormous burden.At the same time the visual apparatus, especially at an early age, quite fragile.There are many external factors can degrade its performance.

Features of

have children of his visual system is not fully formed at birth child.Features of the children are that the baby is only able to detect light, that is, to distinguish day from night.Imperfection optic nerves and muscles move the eyeball does not allow him to distinguish objects more clearly, normal at this age is and strabismus.

Nor can we say about the features of the blink reflex of the newborn.No intense traffic in the vicinity will not keep the baby from the eye to blink, then, as it happens without effort, thanks to the inclusion of light.

During the first year of life, along with the growth and development of the cerebral cortex and improved visual center.Eye Operation synchronized to form a view abo

ut the world and the so-called library of images.

If at this age, and disturbed vision is not corrected, the overall future development of the baby can not be called complete.Permanent lack of visual images in one degree or another entails an intellectual lag.Regular inspection of children's ophthalmologist and timely correction of vision in children to avoid such negative consequences.

From year to two years of vision in children plays an important role in the formation of the vocal apparatus, since it is repeated articulation adult helps the child learn to speak.At this age, watching television has too much strain on the eye muscles.

By age three the child is already in a position to tell you what he sees.In the older preschool and early school age is very important to dispense the visual load, and provide regular rest your eyes child: for every half-hour sessions of at least 15 minutes break.The same principle applies to TV leisure.Among other things, the distance from the child's eyes to the TV screen should be at least 2-3 m.

overload the vision of children in this age group electronic games with a small screen.Even after 30 minutes may develop spasms of the eye muscles, eye redness, discomfort and lacrimation.Sometimes noted a decrease in visual acuity in children, particularly in the visual perception of distant objects.Permanent spasm can lead to persistent violations of - long-sightedness or myopia., Prevention should start as early as possible to reduce the likelihood of visual impairment in children.

norms of children of different ages

Check the rate of from 6-month-old baby can use this test: a red ball with a diameter of 4 cm hang on a thread and sway.Next to him at the hands of the child tray and observe exactly when he would react eyes to what is happening.When the baby saw the ball from a distance of 1 m, the sharpness of his vision 0.03;if 3 m, the 0.11 and 5 m, then 0.18.At this norm is the range from 0.1 to 0.3.

year-old kid to such a test is carried out with a ball diameter of 0.7 cm 1 m corresponds to the severity of 0.2.;3 m - 0.6;5 m - 1.0 at a rate of 0.6-0.9.Check

vision in children with a special test it is possible to about the age of three.Until this is enough to follow closely the development of the child, his reactions to those or other items, images, etc. In three years, the kid offered Orlova table -.. 10 series of silhouette images located at a distance of 5 m from the eye.The child must be called first picture in the top row;so gradually transferred to the lower row.

All correctly named pictures in a particular row and define the visual acuity.Her rules:

  • in 3 years - 0.6-0.9;
  • in 4 years - 0.7-1.0;
  • in 5 years - 0.8-1.0;
  • in 6 years - 0.9-1.0.

Thus, visual acuity improved from birth to school age and 7-8 years complies with an adult.

Promptly identify and correct the visual impairment in children will help the children's regular visits to an ophthalmologist.

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