Children with behavioral problems - help

there are certain standards of mental health, law, culture and morality in each society.Social norms often suppress the instincts and desires of the individual.But if you want to understand and accept surrounding you, you need to somehow comply with these standards.For example, seeing a beautiful blooming flower bed at the same time and following the social norms, you inhale the aroma and admire flowers instead break them up and carry away.Naturally, educating your child, you are trying to teach him to the same course of action.And yet, even in respectable parents of children's behavior often goes beyond the prescribed norms of society.This behavior psychologists call deviant, antisocial, inadequate, and so on.What is the phenomenon of children with behavioral problems and how to deal with it?

Deviant behavior

In fact, children with behavioral problems - not such a rarity.Some deviations not only cause indignation of parents and teachers, but also carry the seeds of future misconduct, posing a threat

to the child, his entourage, and even society as a whole.Investigating children with behavioral psychologists subdivide their actions on social deviance selfish, aggressive and socially passive orientation.The social orientation of the deviations are selfish theft, fraud, speculation and other offenses, the purpose of which - to benefit.Deviations aggressive orientation directed against the person - it is insulting, bullying, beatings, etc.Socio-passive deviations related to the unwillingness to solve personal and social problems, they include failure to study and work, vagrancy, drug addiction and suicide.Every external manifestation in children with behavioral problems may be deep personal problems.And since there is no universal answer to all situations of deviant behavior, to help your child, you need to understand the causes of each situation.

Inadequate child's behavior

The basis of inadequate behavior of the child are negative affective experiences associated with dissatisfaction important needs for him.When the evaluation of their abilities, based on the previous achievements of the child, does not correspond to the current situation and the need to recognize the inconsistency, affective experiences occur in some children.Rather than re-evaluate their claims, the children exhibit inadequate response to failure - increased resentment, stubbornness, isolation, emotional instability, confusion, denial.For example, if a school child to have success in English, and received the praise of the teacher, then enrolling in another school, where his achievements do not stand out from the other students, he can begin to resent the teacher and assume that the cost is unfair to him.Inadequate child's behavior - a kind of defensive reaction designed to help in the event of failure.In order not to lower self-esteem, the child begins to blame the parents, teachers, the nearest environment circumstances, fate.Inadequate child's behavior causes the responses of teachers and parents that in turn increases the affective experiences.The circle closes.

Antisocial behavior in children

Talking about anti-social behavior of children, psychologists say that it arises as a result of violations of the interaction of the individual with the environment.Children with anti-social behavior are divided into four groups:

  • first group.It includes children, antisocial behavior is associated with abnormalities in the development of emotional and volitional and individual features, up to psychopathy;
  • second group.These are children, antisocial behavior is associated with incorrect exposure forms.For example, when adults impose on the child strict disciplinary requirements without considering his age, emotional state, experiences.Children in this group do not need to correct behavior, on the contrary, it is an adult should reconsider its attitude to the actions in the situation;
  • third group.It includes children with serious gaps in the moral and moral education.In other words, the running children, antisocial behavior is associated with adult connivance.These children do not violate social norms consciously, because simply did not know them;
  • fourth group.It is difficult teenagers, antisocial behavior of children in this group is associated with the distortion of moral attitudes and personality traits.These children understand that their behavior is contrary to social norms, but they do not want to change it and refuse any interference in their lives by responding to criticisms indifference, defiance, and not agreeing with the negative evaluation of others.This is the most difficult for the education group, because such children are sure they are right.

Suicidal behavior in children

In the most tragic cases, deviations in behavior of the child take an extreme form - suicide.Psychologists believe that suicidal behavior in children associated with ambivalence to death - the death of the child perceives as a means of manipulation, for example, imagining my mother upset, but the irreversibility of the effects is not conscious.

Usually suicidal behavior in children aims to attract attention, it is preceded by depression, boredom, loneliness, isolation, aggression towards the environment.Sometimes suicidal behavior takes a latent form, when the child selects the extreme sports, is a dangerous group, taking drugs.

The causes of suicidal behavior in children include conflicts with parents, peers, the immediate environment, a lack of understanding in the school.At the same time the children often refuse help from an adult.

integration into society

Usually, children with behavioral problems are difficult to make contact with teachers, psychologists, adult, explaining that the phrase "I do not understand."Indeed, to create a trusting relationship with the child, you need to have a share of sympathy, interest in his life, hopes and anxieties, to be able to patiently listen, give advice, empathy, and time to move from free communication to the leadership.Not every parent is able to, and certainly not every teacher.But the only way to reach out to children with behavioral problems, they form a notion of universal values, develop moral positive traits and qualities of character, as well as help to adequately assess the picture of the world and to be accepted in society.

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