Emotional disorders in children - causes, consequences

course, all loving parents concerned about the health of their babies.Often, however, Mom and Dad pay attention solely on the physical development of the child, for some reason, not paying due care the emotional state of the child.That's just emotions play in human life is not the last role.Emotions appear in the first days of life the baby, with their help, the child communicates with parents, making it clear that he was upset, in pain, or he is well.

As the child of his emotions also are changing and it is important at this time to prevent emotional disorders in children.Baby learns not only to speak, walk, or run, but also feel.From simple emotions that he experiences in infancy, transition to more complex sensory perception begins to get acquainted with all the emotional palette.

As a child growing up not only informs parents that uncomfortable because he was hungry or had a stomach ache, but is beginning to show a more complex emotions.

As an adult, baby learn to enjoy, admire, sad, surprised or

angry.The truth is the main difference of five children from one year old baby is not only what he is able to feel "well", but the fact that he knows how to control their emotions.

In modern society, experts are increasingly trying to draw attention to a serious problem as emotional disturbances in children.

Causes and consequences of emotional disturbances in children

According to medical statistics in 50% of cases of violation of the emotional sphere of children who have graduated from junior school, expressed in the development of nerve diseases.This is a very disturbing result, especially considering the fact that we are talking about nervous diseases of children who have not reached and 16 years.

Child psychologists believe that the main causes of emotional disturbances in children may be:

  • experienced in childhood diseases and stresses;
  • features of physical and psycho-emotional development of the child, including the delay, disruption or backlog in intellectual development;
  • microclimate in the family, and especially education;
  • social and living conditions of residence of the child, his inner circle.

Disturbances in the emotional sphere in children can be caused by other factors.For example, traumatized child's body can cause the films that he looks or computer games that were played.Emotional disorders in children occur most often in the critical periods of development.

striking example of such a mentally unstable behavior can serve as a so-called "transitional age".Young people rebel always, but especially noticeable in adolescence, when the child begins to be determined by the desires and assess their own capabilities.

The most common manifestations of emotional disturbances in children are:

  • general anxiety of the child, as well as the presence of excessive fears and timidity;
  • emotional exhaustion;
  • aggression, and sometimes unfounded;
  • problems communicating and interacting with other children or adults;
  • depression.

Correction emotionally volitional disorders in children

Before talking about the methods of correction of emotionally volitional disorders in children, it is necessary to define the problem.Emotional and volitional, or in other words, the psycho-emotional state of a person is the dynamics of the development of his feelings and emotions.So emotionally volitional disorders in children - is not nothing but a violation of the mental state.

case of violation of the emotional sphere of children a feeling of anxiety or apathy, mood becomes dark and the child withdraws into himself, begins to exhibit aggressive or depressed.In order to improve the condition of a child suffering from emotional disorders should be made to the profile expert.That, in turn, will start individual or group work with the child, and tell parents how to behave correctly when mental instability baby.

Psychoemotional disorders can be cured if detected early and competent approach to their correction.

few tips for parents who are faced with emotional disorders in children:

  • in dealing with traumatized child try to maintain absolute calm and show their friendly attitude;
  • often communicate with your child, ask him, empathize, in general, interested in what he feels;
  • play or be engaged in physical work together paint, pay more attention to the child;
  • observe the children's daily routine;
  • try not to expose your child to excessive stress and feelings;
  • make sure that your child is watching violence on TV or in a computer game will only aggravate emotional disturbances;
  • keep the baby, help create confidence.

eliminate violations of the emotional sphere of children will help a child psychologist, who with the help of special educational games explain to the child how to react to stressful situations arise, and to control their feelings.However, the involvement of parents in the treatment of psycho-emotional disorders of children, no one can replace, because the kids trust their parents and, of course, take their example.

Therefore, if in the future you want to avoid the development of serious mental illness in the child, then immediately begin to participate actively in his treatment.

decisive factor in the correction of psycho-emotional nature is the attention from adults.Learn to pay more attention to your child, help him understand the feelings and emotions.It is not necessary to demand from the baby so that it no longer worry about, but you should support him in all experiences and to help understand the complex emotions.Patience, care and boundless parental love will help to keep the mental health of your children.

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