The pelvis during pregnancy - the size of normal

finally formed female pelvis consists of the sacrum, coccyx, and two hip bones, interconnected ligaments and cartilage.Compared with male female pelvis is wider and bigger, but not as deep.

main condition for the proper flow of labor - it is the optimal size of the pelvis during pregnancy.Deviations in its structure and symmetry can lead to complications and hinder the natural passage of the baby through the birth canal or completely prevent the independent genera.

measurement during pregnancy pelvis

The study includes the pelvis, such as the manipulation of inspection, then the feeling of bones and, finally, the determination of the size of the pelvis.

Rhombus Michaelis or lumbosacral rhombus examine in a standing position.Normally, it is equal to the vertical dimension of 11 cm and a cross - 10 cm If the structure of the pelvic organs are violations diamond Michaelis fuzzy, with altered shape and size..

After probing is carried out measurement of the pelvic bone using a special tazomera.The ante

natal clinic gynecologist interested in the following dimensions of the pelvis during pregnancy:

  • interosseous size - shows the distance between the most prominent points on the front surface of the pelvis, its norm - 25-26 cm;
  • distance between the crests (the most distant points) iliac bone - 28-29 cm;
  • distance between the greater trochanter of the two femurs - 30-31 cm;
  • Outdoor conjugate.It is a distance between the upper corner of the rhombus of Michaelis (suprasacral fossa) and the upper edge of the pubic articulation -. 20-21 cm

first two dimensions of the pelvic bones were measured during pregnancy when a woman lies on her back and her legs stretched out and shifted.The third indicator is investigated at a slightly bent at the knees lower extremities.Direct pelvic size (outer conjugate) is measured in the position of a pregnant woman lying on her side, when the overlying leg stretched out, and the underlying bent at the knee and hip joints.

wide and narrow pelvis during pregnancy

wide pelvis, occurring most often in high-large women, is not considered a pathology, it exceeds the norm by 2-3 cm. It is revealed in the standard inspection and measurementpelvic bones.With a wide pelvis during childbirth is normal, but sometimes it can be rapid.passage of the baby through the birth canal time is reduced, which is fraught with breaks vagina, cervix, and perineum.

If at least one of the sizes below the norm by 1.5-2 cm, talk about an anatomically narrow pelvis during pregnancy.But even with this narrowing of the normal flow delivery may, for example, in the case when the baby head is small and easily passes through the mothers pelvis.

Clinically narrow pelvis is at normal size and occurs when a child is large, that is, the size of his head does not match the mother's pelvis.In this situation, natural childbirth are dangerous because they can lead to complications and the state of the fetus and the mother.In this case, it is considering the possibility of caesarean section.

Influence narrow pelvis during pregnancy

narrowed pelvis exerts its adverse effects only in the last months of pregnancy.fetal head can not descend into the pelvis as a result, the growing uterus rises, and this greatly complicates breathing pregnant.The woman appears shortness of breath, and it is stronger than that of expectant mothers with normal pelvic dimensions.

Another consequence narrow pelvis during pregnancy - malposition.According to statistics, 25% of women with an oblique or lateral position of the pelvis of the fetus occurs in varying degrees of restriction.Also frequent cases of breech: pregnant women with narrow hips, this pathology occurs 3 times more often.

management of pregnancy and childbirth with a narrow pelvis

Pregnant women have narrowed the pelvis, are at risk for complications, so are on a special account at the gynecologist.This is necessary in order to quickly identify the position of fetal abnormalities and some other complications.

particularly adversely perenashivanie pregnancy with a narrow pelvis, so it is important to accurately determine the date of birth, and 1-2 weeks before her pregnant hospitalized in the department of pathology.It is necessary to clarify the diagnosis and decide on a rational method of delivery.

As noted earlier, the size of the pelvis during pregnancy and during labor depends.If narrowing slightly, and the fruit of a small or medium size, are possible vaginal delivery under close medical supervision.

absolute indications for cesarean section are:

  • Anatomically narrow pelvis (at III-IV degree of narrowing);
  • Bone tumors in the small pelvis;
  • pelvic deformities as a result of injury or disease;
  • pelvic injuries in the previous birth.

Pain in the pelvis during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women suffer from the appearance of pain in the pelvis, sacrum and spine.This is due to the fact that changes the center of gravity of the body, and because of the natural increase in weight increases the load on the musculoskeletal system.In addition, under the influence of a particular hormone relaxin is a change of the sacroiliac and symphysis pubis, and other connective tissue formation, ie the pelvis during pregnancy "prepared" to leave.

often in women having low back and pelvic pain, which are consequence of the curvature of the spine, degenerative disc disease and poor muscle development "doberemennom" state.The frequency of such pain is 30-50% during pregnancy and after the birth of 65-70%.

If the second and third trimester pregnant enough blood calcium can develop symphysis.It manifests itself in a strong long-lasting pain lonnom junction, is enhanced by changing the position of the body in space.The woman is disturbed gait, bosom swells.The emergence simfizita is also associated with certain hereditary characteristics.

Prevention of pain in the pelvis during pregnancy

basis of preventing pain in the pelvis during pregnancy, primarily of calcium-rich diet: meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, herbs, nuts.In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract when disturbed absorption of calcium, needed their correction.For example, you can take bifikol and digestive enzymes.

In addition, you must pay attention to adequate physical exercise to strengthen direct and obliques, hip flexors and extensors, gluteus and back muscles.For this is well suited medical gymnastics and swimming.

Among other preventive measures is worth noting exposure to fresh air, as under the influence of sunlight in the skin to produce vitamin D, and it is necessary for normal calcium metabolism.

If the pain in the pelvis during pregnancy start to disturb a regular basis, you need to move to more drastic measures: start taking calcium supplements in a daily dose of 1000-1500 mg, to limit the number of physical activity, and in case of problems with the lower back have to wear a bandage.Also, it is desirable to start taking a multivitamin complex for pregnant women, because they contain all the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

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