Complicated disturbances in child development - types, causes

When children are born in a family with complex developmental disorders, life is divided into "before" and "after."And if the parents have not abandoned the child, then they will have the realization that their baby is not one but several disorders.Some parents then try to find the best doctors to provide their kids special treatment, go abroad, go to the many sacrifices and efforts, but may find that the result is too small over time.Other parents simply take the child with all his ailments and enjoyed his every independent step, watching him with love.And it sometimes gives better results than months spent in foreign clinics.

What are complex disorders in

developmental disorders in children are divided into single (isolated) and multiple (complex).Unit called a violation of one of the systems of the body, such as hearing or vision.Multiple or complex developmental disorders in children - a deterioration of two or more systems of the body, for example, Deafblindness blindness in conjunction with spe

ech disorder, mental retardation, coupled with impaired hearing and so on.At the same time in our country a disability is determined by the most pronounced violation.

As a rule, these children dominant defeat one organ or function is detected still in the hospital, while the second and even a third defect is found much later due to diagnostic difficulties.For example, a child with congenital deafness occurs only with time lag in the development of speech, or inborn errors of motion may be missed or hearing impairment, especially if violations are a consequence of disease progression.

Causes of complex disorders in the development of children

developmental disorders may have different causes - biological or psychosocial.The biological causes include extremely premature, pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, infections, transferred both in utero and after birth, hereditary diseases.Most dangerous are transferred to the fetus during pregnancy, rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, influenza, measles, tuberculosis, syphilis.After the birth of severe lesions can lead neuroinfections - meningitis and meningoencephalitis, as well as complicated measles, scarlet fever and severe flu.

By Socio-psychological reasons, the emergence of complex disorders related to poor care, lack of emotional contact with loved ones, indifference and cruelty of adults, children needed sensory deprivation and psychological factors in the development and so on.

The causes of congenital complex development problems in recent times include chromosomal disease.Many children with chromosomal diseases die in the womb and at birth, most of the remaining die within the first few months or years after birth due to low vitality.Among chromosomal diseases lead Down syndrome Marshall syndrome Vildervanka syndrome, the CHARGE syndrome, Norrie disease and others.

Methods Survey

children with complex disabilities restricted perception of the world.In acute infectious diseases of defeat symptoms occur simultaneously, hereditary diseases sensory disturbances may occur gradually over months or years.If you detect and correct violations in a timely manner, it is possible to help the child to adapt to this world, the most of the remnants of vision, hearing, to compensate for the lag in development.Therefore, comprehensive survey should be carried out as soon as possible.

Complex examination of complex disorders include medical and psychological-pedagogical diagnostics.When medical examination pediatrician, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, geneticist, psychiatrist and representatives of other medical specialties have to conduct some research and determine the nature of disorders and physical health of the nervous system.The most thoroughly examined in this hearing and vision.In neurophysiological survey conducted by EEG and research of stem and cortical evoked potentials, which allow us to judge violations and CNS lesions.

Because young children are developing most intensively, with the help of doctors, teachers and psychologists can seriously make up for violations.It should be remembered that the degree of activity of children with complex developmental disorders depends on their lifestyle, adults who create them and the environment.If a healthy child can easily gain information about the world and explore it, with complex lesions in this world of the senses for adaptation need to make serious efforts.And children whose brains have been severely affected, making it much more difficult.

often the main way of perception for such children are tactile sensations.Therefore, correctional pedagogy great attention is paid to practical exercises and illustrative examples.And the best that can at the same time to give parents - is the emotional and physical contact: hugging, rocking, and so on.Children with complex disabilities need proper family education and special education.If the child is surrounded by an atmosphere of love and care, then teachers will be able to make serious headway.


prospects there for parents to special child is important to know that they are not the only ones who survived a difficult experience.Other mothers and fathers, who had suffered a similar misfortune, and who were able to find the time and energy to adapt their competent kids could be a better example and support than a staff of experienced psychologists.

There are many families who have children with complex developmental disorders, and some of these parents then becomes the author of books and articles in which to share their experiences and expertise to solve problems.For example, these are the works of Norman Brown, whose son after undergoing rubella in the womb was born with profound hearing impairment and vision.From local authors illuminate the problem Basilova Tatiana and Nadezhda Aleksandrova.

is important to remember that every child is exposed to training in varying degrees, based on its unique features.The result in this case will largely depend on love, understanding and timely assistance to parents and those around him.

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