Stomatitis in children - Treatment and Prevention

Among infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity is most common stomatitis that causes babies discomfort.This term is derived from the Latin word "stoma" which means inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth.

nature of the treatment of stomatitis in children depends on the type of pathogen that caused the inflammation.Most often the disease develops on the background of general decline in the child's immunity.Sometimes the cause of stomatitis in children, especially small ones, is a common injury of the mouth, because the kids are constantly pulling things in their mouths.

children stomatitis: Classification and causes of

characteristic that each age group is typical of its kind stomatitis, but, of course, there are exceptions:

  • Candida or fungal stomatitis.The agents of this disease are fungi of the genus Candida, which may be present in the oral cavity as a conditionally pathogenic microflora and do not cause inflammation.Most often, thrush in children 0-3 years old;
  • Herpetic stomatitis.It called the herpes virus and often becomes chronic with recurring relapses.The most common in children 1-3 years old;
  • aphthous stomatitis or allergic.This is a fairly rare form of the disease, whose causes are not fully understood.According to some data, it is a reaction of allergic type, on the other - is associated with dysfunction of the digestive tract.The most common among schoolchildren;
  • Bacterial stomatitis.This kind of disease is typical for children of different ages and occurs due to mechanical or thermal oral injuries, as well as in violation of rules of personal hygiene, in the period of teething in babies, etc..

reason stomatitis in children is that the mucousshell of oral cavity is very thin and delicate, easily injured, but the immune system still can not cope with multiple infectious agents that fall into the baby's mouth.Human saliva perfectly protects the mouth from bacteria, germs and viruses, but in children it is still not enough antiseptic enzymes.The result is inflammation, manifested by a single ulcers or deep pockets.

Thrush in children: treatment

To treat stomatitis in a child, as a rule, you simply need to create in the mouth alkaline environment that slows the growth of microorganisms and cause their gradual destruction.You can use a solution of baking soda (1 tbsp. L. A glass of water), or 2% solution of boric acid.

To treat stomatitis in children aniline dyes may be used, for example, methylene blue.The oral cavity is treated 5-6 times a day, focusing on the cheeks and gums of the child because the pathogenic flora is often in plaque that accumulates in the necks of the teeth.

Another treatment for thrush is the solution "Candide."Its active ingredient destroys the fungus cell wall.A course of treatment is carried out within 10 days.When the first signs of improvement in any case can not throw treatment, except in the case of antibiotics intake, formed pathogen resistance to the drug.

"Diflucan" can be used in rare cases, it prescribed to children in adolescence, the dosage prescribed by the physician.

aphthous stomatitis in children: treatment

purpose of treating aphthous stomatitis in children is the complete elimination of the disease or stable remission.This is achieved by both local and general therapy, the choice of which depends on the clinical picture of the disease.

In general treatment is to antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity and directly AFL.Rinse your mouth can be a special solution (furatsilin, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine) or decoction of herbs.

If necessary to improve the overall condition of the patient, it is possible to apply anti-allergic, anti-pyretic and other drugs (containing heparin, novocaine, lidocaine, hydrocortisone, etc.).

accelerate the healing of the AFL, you can use solutions of citral, preparations with propolis, and vitamin C and P.

When the cause of stomatitis in children is a viral infection, antiviral therapy is conducted.

If aphthous stomatitis left unattended and not treated, about 1-2 weeks aphthae will disappear on their own, and the disease may thus go into a chronic stage that is very difficult to heal completely.

herpetic stomatitis in children: treatment

The basic principle in the treatment of herpetic stomatitis in children - complexity, that is a combination of general and local therapy procedures.

If the baby present symptoms of intoxication, you need to drink plenty of liquids and taking medications that reduce the temperature.Severe form of the disease is treated permanently.

Local therapy is in the treatment of oral propolis.This substance has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.To remove the symptoms of inflammation used bath of chamomile or sage.Toddlers who still can not rinse your mouth, oral treatment parents spend on their own.

During the healing of wounds prescribe drugs to help repair the damaged mucosa.It keratoplasty, which include sea buckthorn, rosehip and vitamin A.

stomatitis treatment in children Komarovsky

There are many different tactics, how to cure stomatitis in children.When choosing a methodology to be followed professional advice, for example, Dr. Komarovsky.

stomatitis treatment in children Komarovsky has long proved its efficiency and performance.

Select a competent tactics, you can, based on the stage and severity of the disease.Therapy should include both local and general treatment.

First of all, it is necessary to organize a rational and proper feeding of the child.Before the meal, it is desirable to anesthetize the oral mucosa solution lidohlorgelya or anestezina.Obligatory is the treatment of the oral cavity and after feeding.You can use a solution of potassium permanganate, furatsilina or strong tea.

food should be semi-liquid or liquid and does not irritate.It is advisable to apply intereferon at a dosage of 3-4 drops under the tongue and in the nose every four hours.

tasks of local therapy for acute stomatitis following:

  • maximum reduction or relief of pain in the oral cavity;
  • Warning repeated eruptions;
  • Accelerated healing elements of an eruption.

Stomatitis occurs immediately, the first manifestations are expressed in lung swelling and redness in the oral mucosa.The child is naughty, refuses to eat, complains of pain in the mouth.

If parents timely notice signs of disease and begin treatment, the acute stage of the disease will not develop.Despite this, treatment of stomatitis in children, even in the mild form, should be engaged in a qualified specialist, who will appoint effective therapy and talk about preventive measures in the future.

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