Social adaptation of children - rules, regulations

Under the social adaptation of children understand the specially organized continuous education process of accustoming the child to the conditions of the social environment through the assimilation of the rules and norms of behavior accepted in society.If we are talking about children with psychological trauma, orphans and persons with disabilities, the need for special measures of social adaptation and rehabilitation, which will be able to provide these categories of children, not only occurrence in society, but also the realization of their creative and working potential.

Social adaptation of disabled children

In terms of social adaptation, a group of disabled children is the most problematic because of their limited adaptive capacity of this category of children.The main reasons for the difficult adaptation in society of children with disabilities are:

  • Lack of mental and physical health;
  • limited social experience;
  • unfavorable family economic situation.

According to UNESCO, the number of chi

ldren with disabilities worldwide is about 3% of all children, and every year the number is increasing, suggesting the need to develop effective measures for their social adaptation to society.

problem of social adaptation and rehabilitation of children with disabilities is not only a social, economic and political importance, but also moral and ethical.Improving the quality of life of children with disabilities can be achieved by providing them with age-appropriate opportunities to participate in society.

At the national level, all necessary conditions should be created for this category of people, facilitating their livelihoods, as well as the need to make preparations society to accept children with disabilities.These measures will help to reduce the number of psychosomatic disorders and neurotic reactions in children with disabilities, which in turn will significantly reduce the costs of their treatment at the level of families and the country as a whole.

successful social adaptation of children with HIA (disabilities) allows this category of children quickly adapt to a normal life, rebuild their social value and reinforce humane tendencies in society.However, common solutions to social adaptation of children with disabilities problem today is not because of its decision to use different development psychologists and educators.

Due to the fact that the social adaptation of children with the HIA has its own specific features, and the approach to solving this problem is to be multifactorial and dynamic.At the state level, in turn, should do everything possible to ensure that the adaptive potential of children with disabilities increased.

Social adaptation of children of preschool age

reached the age of 3-4 years, most children fall into a completely new environment for themselves - preschool.Starting kindergarten requires the baby to adapt to the new social environment, enhance communication with adults and peers, the development of flexible behavior and adaptive mechanisms.Daily routine, requirements and responsibilities for the child becomes a surprise, it will drive thereby stress.The lack of pre-treatment aimed at social adaptation of children of preschool age, can lead to neurotic reactions as:

  • Violation emotional state;
  • worsening of sleep and appetite;
  • development of fear of pre-school institutions;
  • Increased morbidity.

Socio-psychological adaptation of children takes place in different ways and depends on the child's age, state of health, the type of higher nervous activity, parenting style in the family and the relationship between its members, the level of development of game skills, sociability, friendliness and emotional dependency of the child onmother.

largely for social adaptation of children of preschool age depends on how mentally and physically parents prepare the child for the upcoming changes, as well as individually-typological features of the child - choleric and sanguine adapt faster than the phlegmatic and melancholic.

Difficult to social adaptation of children to Kindergarten presence of factors such as:

  • emotional inadequacy;
  • social incompetence;
  • Nesotsializirovannaya aggression;
  • Underdeveloped behavior skills in unfamiliar situations;
  • Resistance child academic and educational process;
  • Lack of experience with peers and adults.

To facilitate the social adaptation of children, parents should at an early age to teach kids the art of communication with peers and adults, to adhere to the correct mode of the day.From the very young child should be encouraged its independence, then it will grow healthy and vibrant personality.

adapt to a kindergarten child can help the teacher, who must advance to study features of his new ward, and coordinate with the parents of the child, to pick up for him the individual approach.Benevolent and cozy atmosphere created by teachers in groups, is the necessary condition, which helps children to easily adapt to the new place.

In general, social adaptation is a complex process for a healthy baby, and for children with disabilities.Workers in preschools, family and society as a whole must take all necessary measures to allow any child to enter into the society and become a full-fledged member.From the focus and coherence of adult activities aimed at social adaptation of children, the future of the younger generation.

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