Conjunctivitis in children - Treatment and Prevention

conjunctivitis - an inflammation of the transparent membrane of the eye, called the conjunctiva caused by various types of pathogens and irritants.Children are more susceptible to this disease than adults.

treatment of conjunctivitis in children - a difficult task and at the same time current.The eyes are one of the most vulnerable organs and the child is always difficult to hold on to it does not lose them during inflammation.That is why the treatment of this disease in children is a difficult challenge for parents.

Features conjunctivitis in children

The conjunctiva is the mucous membrane enveloping the outer surface of the eyeball, along the inner surface of the eyelids.It is washed by tear fluid, hiding eye lids and protects the delicate tissue of the human eye.

inflamed conjunctiva may, at:

  • contact with eyes, sand, dust;
  • small eye injury;
  • reduce the overall immunity of the body as a result of an illness;
  • presence of allergic reactions in the body;
  • disruption of normal lacrimation;
  • of infection.

etiology of infection conjunctivitis medical classification divides into three main types:

  • Viral;
  • Bacterial;
  • Allergic.

to select the correct treatment of conjunctivitis in children need to know what causes the disease.

Viral conjunctivitis in children, treatment

Viral conjunctivitis in children occurs on a background of influenza or other viral infections, such as herpes.Hit the body the virus provokes inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is expressed by the following symptoms:

  • first infection affects one eye, then the infection moves to the other;
  • Eyes become red, irritated;
  • liberally flowing tears, crying like a child;
  • formed purulent exudate in the case of connection to a secondary viral infection, bacterial.

is believed that viral conjunctivitis in children does not require treatment, as it runs independently as recovery.However, to avoid complications, it is better to take timely therapeutic measures.

It is recommended to use the drops containing an interferon such as oftalmeron, Aktipol, Poludanum or eye ointments - either bonafton florenal.Before using drugs need to wash the child's eyes from secretions infusion of sage, chamomile or cooled boiled water.

Treatment of purulent conjunctivitis in children

called purulent conjunctivitis, caused by infection with bacteria.Most often, children will wear this infection dirty hands when rubbed his eyes, and the disease-causing bacteria enter the mucous.In the case of a bacterial infection treatment of conjunctivitis in children should be particularly careful, fulfilling all the doctor's advice, in order to avoid complications.

causative agents of the disease in most cases are pneumococci, staphylococci, chlamydia, gonococci, streptococci.

first signs of bacterial inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye are:

  • Pronounced swelling of the lower eyelids;
  • rapid manifestation of purulent discharge;
  • Bonding century pus, especially after sleep;
  • bloodshot eyes;
  • Eye involvement at the same time or sequentially one after the other, with a short interval;
  • Tearing;
  • Photophobia.

bacterial conjunctivitis often ill newborns.The infection gets into their eyes when the kids go through the birth canal, especially if the mother is at risk or in the hospital violated health standards.The cause of the disease can also be a congenital abnormality of the tear ducts.More susceptible to bacterial infection, and children born prematurely.

Complex treatment of purulent conjunctivitis in children includes:

  • Antibiotics in special eye drops or ointments;
  • Ointments for laying in the eye, containing sulfonamides;
  • Broth anti-inflammatory herbal eyewash by purulent discharge;
  • Eye drops containing anesthetics, if the child has severe photophobia or compression syndrome century.

When bacterial form of conjunctivitis treatment of Dr. Komarovsky advises children to carry out with the help of the drug solution "Tsiprolet" on the basis of normal saline.

Treatment of allergic conjunctivitis in children

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs as the eye response to certain stimuli.They may be dust particles, hairs of animals, pollen, medicines, household chemicals, food, edible.In this form of the disease at the same time both eyes are inflamed.The main symptoms in this case are:

  • Itching;
  • Red eyes;
  • Edema of the lower eyelids;
  • Tearing.

In this form of Dr. Komarovsky treatment of conjunctivitis in children recommended to combine with the delivery of tests to identify the allergen in order to protect a child from exposure to irritating factor for an effective therapy.

as symptomatic treatment applied:

  • antihistamine eye drops action;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Hormonal eye ointments;
  • Antihistamines;
  • cool gadgets on the eyes.

most difficult to treat conjunctivitis in infants.If the baby does not open his eyes at instillation of drops, should be carefully pull the lower eyelid clean fingers - this will help get the drug on the mucosa.

methods of national treatment of conjunctivitis in children

Of the many existing folk treatments for eye inflammation actively used:

  • Rinsing with boiled water with the addition of aloe juice;
  • Cleansing freshly black or green tea;
  • Instill herbal and washing of child eye.As a medicinal herb used chamomile, nettle, sage;
  • Cleansing pus using fennel juice.You can make dill lotions;
  • Overlaying compresses infusion of laurel leaves.They have anti-inflammatory effects and is an effective means for removing edema.

Flush eyes child needs direction from the outer to the inner corner.Tampons for washing recommended because of the bandage to fluff wool does not irritate.For each eye, a separate one-time pad.

time-tested folk treatment of conjunctivitis in children is completely harmless and gives good results.

How to protect the child from conjunctivitis

To protect baby's eyes from falling into these infections should be:

  • Always have baby personalized towel and other items of daily use;
  • Thoroughly wash the child's hands with soap and water;
  • not touch his eyes with his hands, and to accustom the baby to use this clean cloth or handkerchief;
  • regularly ventilate the children's room;
  • Giving your child more fruits and vegetables;
  • Avoid foods that cause allergies;
  • Wipe the dust off the floor and furniture in the nursery with a damp cloth;
  • works with children to exercise and hardening.

should immediately consult a doctor at the slightest suspicion of conjunctivitis in children, it is important to start treatment in time to avoid complications in the future.

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