Feeding a child at 5 months

At the age of 5 months, the baby can already hold the head, gradually learns to sit and crawl, he begin to appear first teeth.The best food for the baby is, in the opinion of the majority of pediatricians (including Dr. Komarovsky), breast-feeding - milk, rich in all the essential vitamins for the baby, and macrocells.However, there are several cases where breastfeeding is not possible - the mother's milk may burn or omitted entirely.In addition, many women need to take antibiotics and other medications that are known to linger in the breast milk, thereby causing harm to the child.

However, breast-feeding at 5 months may already partially consist of foods.If from the first day of the mother's milk is not allocated baby's life, in this case for breastfeeding should be applied high-quality tailored mixture produced specifically for children of different ages.

Before transfer of the child from breastfeeding to eating more adult, you must coordinate with your pediatrician or family doctor.At the age of 5-

6 months, the first meal of the baby can cause indigestion, intestinal colic, allergies and other adverse symptoms.It is advisable to give the lure a child in the form of puree or tea spoon dining room, not in a bottle with a nipple.On how well will be picked up baby food under the age of 1 year, the state of his health and the taste preferences of the future will depend.Excessive feeding her baby at 5 months may lead to the eventual development of obesity and diabetes in the future, so the diet should be balanced and healthy.So, deciding to start typing the first solid foods into the diet of baby, mothers should be aware that earlier than at the age of 5-5.5 months, pediatricians do not recommend to transfer the child to eat, even if the child is bottle-fed from birth.

feeding 5 month old baby, the first lure

diet of the baby's mother should be prepared independently;The following menu to feed the child in 5 months is exemplary.Start entering feeding for the baby can be with pieces of peeled and seeds of apples or pears, or with a few spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, cooked with water, without salt, or buckwheat.This method of feeding the baby pediatricians call "teaching", its purpose is not only to satiate the child how to acquaint him with the food that is eaten by adults.In 5 months the baby's digestive system is quite developed, but the salty, fried, smoked and fatty foods not suitable for infant feeding in 5 months.Also, in any case should not be forced to eat up the lure to the end - to force-feed a baby smoking, this will lead to nutritional problems in the future.

For starters, you can offer a child half a tea spoon of the new food to the main reception, it is desirable that such feeding occurred in the first half of the day.After feeding the child should immediately supplementation with breast milk or formula.

important to monitor the condition of the child, if everything is fine, and the baby is not observed symptoms of bowel disorders, redness and rashes on the skin, then the next day you can give as feeding has 1 tspfood.If, for example, taking half a teaspoon of mashed potatoes when feeding your baby is 5 months has caused the baby indigestion, you should immediately eliminate from the diet of baby potatoes and a minimum of 3-4 days to abandon the introduction of any new food.If the introduction of complementary foods was successful, you can gradually increase the dose to half a teaspoon a day.Somewhere after 7-10 days may be already, along with the first new product to enter the second.According to Dr. Komarovsky, breast-feeding or artificial nutrition at this stage can be on the fifth of the lure to be replaced - that is, one time the baby food may consist entirely of "adult" food.Then, in the diet of the child can enter drinking water at room temperature or warm tea - after or during the breaks between meals.

Almost immediately after the introduction of new products Mom is likely to notice changes in the child's stool, as well as odor from the mouth, but do not panic: so appears next stage of physiological development of the baby.

reflect on the introduction of a new food when feeding the baby 5 months, parents will likely face a variety of opinions of pediatricians and children's food product manufacturers, with which the process should begin.According to Dr. Komarovsky, for breastfeeding or artificial feeding is best to add cereal, crushed in a coffee grinder and cooked in water without salt or vegetable puree, rich in pectin, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Approximate menu when feeding 5 month old baby

Based on all of the above recommendations, the approximate menu when feeding 5 month old baby might look like this:

  • first breakfast at 6-7 am - servingof breast milk or formula;
  • Lunch at 10-11 o'clock in the morning - a spoon of vegetable puree, breast milk or formula;
  • Lunch 2-3 pm - a portion of breast milk or formula;
  • Afternoon 6-7 pm - a portion of breast milk or formula;
  • Dinner at 10-11 o'clock in the evening - a portion of breast milk or formula.

Lunch may eventually consist entirely of vegetable puree, and in cases where a child has inadequate weight gain or unstable weight, instead of vegetable puree as feeding porridge to use better.

Starting with 5.5 months, but not before, the baby food mode if you want a good parent and the body's reaction to lure a child can take the following form:

  • Breakfast at 6-7 o'clock in the morning - a portion of breast milk or formula;
  • Lunch at 10-11 o'clock in the morning - a little vegetable puree (100-150 g) 3 tablespoonsfruit puree and half the egg yolk;
  • Lunch 2-3 pm - breast milk or formula, 5-6 tspjuice and 2 tspfresh cheese;
  • Afternoon 6-7 pm - 5-6 tspjuice, breast milk or formula;
  • Dinner at 10-11 o'clock in the evening - a portion of breast milk or formula.

either diet can be so:

  • Breakfast at 6-7 o'clock in the morning - a portion of breast milk or formula;
  • Lunch at 10-11 am - 100-150 grams of cereal, 3 tablespoonscottage cheese and 5-6 tspfruit juice;
  • Lunch 2-3 pm - breast milk or formula and 50 g fruit puree;
  • Afternoon 6-7 pm - 100-150 grams of vegetable puree, 5-6 tspfruit juice and 3 tablespoonsfruit puree;
  • Dinner at 10-11 o'clock in the evening - a portion of breast milk or formula.

If feeding a baby 5 months, or since birth was artificial, the diet suitable for such a child, is as follows:

  • Breakfast 6-7 am - 150-200 g portion of the mixture or yogurt;
  • Lunch at 10-11 am - 100-150 g dairy porridge, 2 tspcheese or fruit puree;
  • Lunch 2-3 pm - 150-200 g of a mixture or a portion of yogurt and 5-6 tspfruit juice;
  • Afternoon 6-7 pm - 100-150 grams of vegetable puree, half the egg yolk and 5-6 tspfruit juice;
  • Dinner at 10-11 pm - 150-200 g portion of the mixture or kefir.

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