Violation of physical development - causes, treatment

Before we talk about the main causes of violations of the body in children, it is important to understand the key concepts associated with this, unfortunately frequent problem nowadays.By developmental disability in medicine understand any abnormalities that may occur in infancy, and in the process the child gets older.

In normal development, the child's biological and mental functions of his body at different stages of maturation in conformance with the standards specialists.The child grows without delay in development, both the physical and the psycho-emotional level.This means that the baby is just beginning to walk, talk, and quickly learn to write, read, and possessed all the paramount skills necessary for further independent life.

There are enough reasons for violations of the body.Studies show boys are more vulnerable to violations of physical development than girls.However, the child begins to develop as follows over time with the right approach.In order to avoid more serious consequences of a

suspected violation of the physical development of the child, parents should consult a doctor immediately.

What you need to know about the violation of physical development in children

Modern pediatricians identify two main types of developmental disorders in children - comprehensive and specific.If a child falls behind in development in most major health indicators, it has a comprehensive infringement.An example of such violations in a child's development can be considered autistic.If there is deviation from any one specific health indicator - the child suffers from a specific violation.

Dyslexia is an example of a specific child's development.In this disease impairs the ability of the child to master the skill of reading.In dyslexia there is a general ability of children to learning.However, a child learn to read with great difficulty.It is noteworthy that, as in the case dileksiey and with autism, we can note the same cause of developmental disorders of the body in children.

Violation in the brain can cause and in violation of physical development.The truth is not necessary to dismiss and genetic diseases, as well as heredity.The causes of disturbances in the body's development in children can be injured, and severe diseases.

Physicians knowingly pay such close attention to the health of women during pregnancy.It was during the formation of the fetus can be irreparably harm the health of unborn baby.So, the hormonal background the mother affects the normal development of the child.Modern medicine helps in the early stages to identify violations of physical development in children.

Experts identify another good reason of occurrence of disorders in the child's body development - ecological environment in which the child is born and lives.In addition, the violation of physical development in children affects qualitative composition of food consumed by them.The richer and more varied diet baby, the more he eats rich in vitamins and beneficial product mix, the less likely to face the problem of impaired physical development.Variations in the physical development of the child can be determined by body weight and height.If a child grows too fast, it can hurt gigantism, low for his age children suffer from dwarfism.Cerebral palsy relate to serious violations of the physical development of the child's body.

deviation from normal body weight of the child 10% less (wasting) or large (paratrofiya) side, experts also considered to deviations in physical development.An important parameter of evaluation of the physical development of the child is considered to head circumference.Particular attention is paid to the development of pediatric infant cells.

Violation of motor development

Often experts call excessive clumsiness child "motor clumsiness."Behind this name hides a rather serious problem - a violation of the motor development of the child.Parents often look forward to the happy moment when their baby will make the first steps.Children begin to sit around the same age, can not be said about the first steps.

The human body is a unique mechanism in which nature provides many details in advance.Your baby starts to walk while his body will not be ready for this.It is in the body's unwillingness to learn the baby upright in this case, it is the main problem.Symptoms of motor development can be considered as the time that the child has learned to walk late.If a child falls frequently when walking and moves clumsily, constantly drops a toy, like can not hold them in your hands, most likely he is present dysmotility.

Violation of motor development can be observed in children who not only walk awkwardly, but also dress up awkwardly and slowly.When dysmotility kids can correctly use the cutlery and afraid to climb or descend the stairs.In most cases, children with impaired motor development behave restlessly, constantly scratching their toys, and even angry and beat others.

Unfortunately not all parents immediately noticed irregularities in the engine or in the general physical development of the child, as well, and mental health deviations.In such cases, we must act without delay and immediately consult specialists.Without the help of professionals alone, you can not help your child.

However, this does not mean that parents should keep aloof and place all responsibility on physicians.Only the care and support for parents in conjunction with professional medical advice can help a child in violation of physical or motor development.Pay more attention to the child, play educational games, is learning children's songs, poems and believes based.

Perfectly helps rubbing a rough towel after a bath, massage and exercise.Active outdoor play not only raise the mood of the child, but also help to cope with a serious problem effortlessly.Modern children's stores offer a wide selection of toys, which develop not only the mind but also the body of the child.

Pets children's sports complexes can be an excellent preventive and therapeutic tool in the fight against impaired physical development.In addition, to engage in useful activities, the more you need to teach a child to physical activity from childhood.Parents should only very much and want to make every effort to give your baby happy and healthy childhood.

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