The best calcium supplements for kids

calcium deficiency in children - quite common daily reality.Meanwhile, this item is a must-child, especially in the first years of life, when formed musculoskeletal system.To restore a disadvantage, except for products containing Ca, necessary to take special calcium supplements for children.

Calcium Benefits for kids

role of calcium in the human body is difficult to overestimate.It takes approximately three hundred different biological processes.Here are some of them:

  • Muscle contraction;
  • nerve and muscle conduction;
  • Blood clotting;
  • Regulation of acid-base balance;
  • Activation of enzymes and hormones of the endocrine system.

Calcium also has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-stress effect on the body.

daily rate of calcium for babies up to six months - 400 mg for children 6-12 months, it increased to 600 mg, and at the age of one year to 10 years, this figure varies between 800 mg.If the calcium in the body receives more than the norm, it appears in the urine, but this macro element

deficiency is more common than excess.

Causes of calcium deficiency in children

At each stage of child development are different sources of calcium.Scientific evidence shows that if in utero fetus is not getting enough of the macro element, its growth performance and weight at birth is less than other babies who have not experienced such a deficit.Such children have signs of rickets may occur in the first six months of life.

next stage, when the toddler calcium is especially important - it is the bone growth of the child, which is preceded by the accumulation of macro element in the bones.Most expressed the process in the periods from birth to one year, from 5 to 7 years, and in adolescence.Therefore, it is important to prevent the factors contributing to calcium deficiency in children:

  • Chronic diseases (especially rheumatic diseases and diseases of the liver and kidneys);
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • genetic characteristics (eg, osteoporosis cases in the family):
  • Malnutrition of children (no dairy products in the diet, addicted to starchy foods and sweets).

If a pediatrician or orthopedic surgeon found that the child's lack of Ca, you must start taking specific drugs.

Calcium supplementation for children

Currently medicines containing calcium enough.Well proven the following brands:

  • Complivit Calcium D3 (Russia);
  • Dolomite (Czech Republic);
  • Piimaks (Finland);
  • Berokka Ca + Mg (Hoffman la Roche).

inexpensive and time-tested the drug - a calcium gluconate.He is appointed not only with a deficit of macroelements in children, but also for the treatment of other diseases.

high bioavailability and drug bioavailability has Kaltsinova (Slovenia).It is often recommended to professionals and the children love for the original appearance and taste of the tablets.The only drawback - the presence in the shell of dyes and sugar, so the preparation of calcium for kids with allergies and diabetes, is contraindicated.

Children under seven years of better tolerated agents that do not have active metabolites of vitamin D. At school age, the use of these drugs and possibly vitamin D.

Besides medical devices today there are many different dietary supplements with calcium in its composition and natural products (cranberries, blueberries, apple, carrot).

All calcium supplements for children, it is desirable to use in the evening with a meal, but the food should be a non-greasy, and if possible without phytic compounds (oatmeal), since they prevent the absorption of macro element in the body.

Take calcium supplements should not be only for the treatment of deficiency, but also as a preventive measure, especially during the seasonal decline in the organism.

Complivit Calcium D3 for kids

young children, especially infants under one year, to find a suitable drug is difficult.An excellent tool for the prevention of deficiency such as Ca, and of vitamin D, calcium is Complivit D3 for kids.

dosage form of the drug is specifically designed for the youngest patients, vitamin D, included in its composition, makes it more effective absorption of calcium.

It only means of containing calcium and vitamin D, which is approved for use in children from birth.Calcium D3 for kids is a suspension with pleasant taste, so its intake does not cause negative reactions, even in the smallest.Another plus - no dyes or preservatives.

All these features make the drug an attractive and commonly prescribed by pediatricians as a means for the treatment and prevention of calcium deficiency in children under one year.

How and in what dosage to take calcium children

assign dosage is proper and the preparation itself - the task of the physician.Typically, the recommended babies under one tablet for children 1-4 years - two tablets at one time, 4-7 years - to three tablets.Pupils of primary school usually take up to four pills at a time.

Before you give a child a pill, it is better to grind.In such drug form quickly absorbed into the blood, and the effects of its action is increased.Calcium gluconate should be given to the kid for 1-1.5 hours before a meal.Wash down the drug should be in water or milk.

If the preparation of calcium for kids is free of vitamin D, it is necessary to take further, as otherwise the macrocell is not metabolized.Do not combine the medication with cardiac agents or iron pills, since they neutralize each other.

If the drug causes a child's disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, or there are any other undesirable symptoms, you should immediately stop taking it.

duration of administration and dosage of the drug appoint a pediatrician, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child.It should be remembered that the calcium in the body gets even with the food, and its surplus is also dangerous as a drawback.

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