Swimming pool for children - classes , the use of

Swimming is a versatile method that allows to grow a strong, healthy and fit kids.Gradually reducing the temperature of the water in the bath, it is possible already from birth to temper grudnichka.When one bath free swimming is getting low, you should consider visiting the pool child.

pool for children: the arguments "for"

Scientists have shown that children who were engaged in the pool already at preschool age, less likely to suffer from colds, eat well and sleep better.Kids who regularly visit the pool, agile and physically stronger than those of children who are not engaged in sports.

Classes in the pool at the same time attract and scare small children.Some believe that only in the pool, you can strengthen the immune system of the child, while others, on the contrary, are convinced that the "general paddling pool" fasten new diseases.But there are a number of indisputable arguments, allowing tip the scales in favor of the pool:

  • Because classes are held 2-3 times a week, being established sys
    tematic procedures;
  • , you need to spend some time, the road can be combined with a walk in the fresh air to reach children's pool;
  • water temperature in the pool is not above 28 ° C and is suitable conditions for hardening the body of the child;
  • Swimming trains the muscles of the entire body, eye doctor recommend it even to improve vision;
  • pool for children 1 year and older - it's great fun, because it is possible to swim, dive and play outdoor games.

These facts testify in favor of the pool for children is very useful.

pool for children: when to start

first swimming lessons start at home even in a conventional bath.If you start them without delay, after about 2-3 weeks after the birth, and regularly go on, it is already the fourth month of the child appear quite deliberate kicking motion and hands.

Grudnichkovoe swimming based on the pledged from birth the ability to swim, but if that does not fix the swimming reflex, then it fades to 3-3.5 months.That is why many mothers begin classes as soon as grudnichka umbilical wound healed.Classes in the pool for children 1 years old and younger are conducted under the supervision of an instructor and mother.With the right approach grudnichki very soon begin to amaze parents superb swimming and diving skills.

But not all moms are thinking about going to the pool for the children so early, so the next ideal age to teach a child to swim - it is 2-3 years.During this period, children are active formation of the locomotor system and diving excellent offloads the spine and promote proper strengthening bones.

pool for child 2 years - above all fun, so in any case it is not necessary to force the baby to learn to swim, if he does not want it.Visit the pool child should bring him only pleasure, and it would be better if adults show an example of how they, too, like to swim.

It is best to find a place where group classes are held in the children's swimming pool to the child in the company of peers more easily coped with fear, and not to be outdone by others, quickly learned to swim.

Classes in the pool: the basic rules

first swimming pool for a child 2 years of age and older can be stressful, especially if he does not like water treatment or the first time I saw so much water, so you should try as much as possible to catch all the nuances of his mood.do a few warm-up exercises before the child's immersion in water is best.

children's pool instructor showing exercises and watches correctness of their performance.It is necessary to encourage your child, and if he is still there 4 years, it is better to engage with him in the pool, so he did not feel alone in this "ocean".So how to swim with the baby for an hour, not letting it go, it is hard enough, you can offer him a children's armbands.They make it possible to constantly stay on the water's surface.

swimming time depends on the willingness of mother and baby mood.Average employment in the pool for a child 2 years lasts 40-50 minutes, but at the first visit is better to cut it to 20 minutes, the baby is not tired, and not lost the desire to go swimming.

Try to get lessons from a maximum positive emotions beforehand tuning in water treatment.And very soon you will notice that your child is less likely to get sick, less capricious, and sleep better.

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